Is ‘From Scratch’ Season 2 Happening On Netflix?

Meet Amy and Leno – a love story for ages in the new series From Scratch.

The series premiered on Netflix on October 21, 2023. It seems that spectators have watched all eight episodes and are waiting for updates for the next season.

Amahle ‘Amy’ Wheeler, an American student studying in Italy, meets and falls in love with Lino, a Sicilian chef, in the movie ‘From Scratch’. When Leno’s health declines and the couple’s next years are in jeopardy, the two families band together.

From Scratch will hit you with the feeling, and it’s worth a watch. Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name for Netflix inspired the film. Let’s get started if you’re wondering about another season.

Season 2 of ‘Men Scratch’ never happened

First of all, Scratch is actually a file Limited Series or a Series. And we all know exactly what happens to these shows. They don’t get another season because the entire narrative is told in current episodes.

A limited series that gets renewed from time to time, but it seems that From Scratch will not be renewed for another season. From Scratch covers every aspect of Locke’s diary in the released episodes.

Moreover, it is a true story and is being covered now. Attica Locke told an outlet about the characters, “Once we had that backbone we knew everything else could be a bit of a fantasy, as long as it didn’t strip us of that backbone.

By changing the names of the characters, this allowed them to be an actual person, but free to move around the cabin in their own way.”

Tempe Luke talked about watching the series

Netflix describes the show by writing, “An artist finds romance with a chef in Italy and embarks on a life-changing journey of love, loss, resilience and hope across cultures and continents.”

Tempe noticed that watching her novel on screen was actually emotional.

She said, “She was incredibly emotional, no doubt. I think the thing I still marvel at and probably will continue to unpack for life is the blessing of being able to do this with my sister.”

There was someone by my side who had experienced many of those critical moments and who could lift me up when the going got tough and could laugh with me in memory of joy – it was the joy and the joy that was lost. I went through all these feelings, but I felt as if I was doing it in society.

When I wrote the book, I was doing it myself, by myself, on my desk in my home. But on the set of filming, a group of hearts came together to serve this story, to raise it on this big board. This was all a labor of love.”

She added, “I’ve been with him twenty years. I know a lot, and he’s still with us. I’ll never miss him. It’s impossible. But I’ve found a way to keep him close.”

List of actors “from scratch”

Along with the narration, the cast did an excellent job in their roles. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Zoe Saldana as Amy
  • Eugene Mastrandria as Leno
  • Daniel Didweiler as Zora
  • Judith Scott as Maxine
  • Keelita Smith as Lynn
  • Lucia Sardo as Philomena
  • Bared Benasai as Giacomo
  • Roberta Rigano as Biagia
  • Keith David as Herschel
  • Terrell Carter as Ken
  • Wissam Rahimi as Laila
  • Jonathan Del Arco as David
  • Peter Mendoza as Andreas
  • Lorenzo Buzan as Filippo
  • Jonathan D. King as Silvio
  • Saad Seddiqi as Dr. archaeological

What do you think of the series? Want another season of “From Scratch”? You are welcome to drop your opinions about the series in the comments section below.