“I Will Hire A Bouncer On My Wedding Day” – Angel Smith

Reality star Big Brother Naija, Heavenly messenger Smith has understood why she’s hiring the bouncer on her big day, sharing a tweet explaining “I’m going to recruit guards for my big day even when the minister says ‘assuming anyone goes speak out now against this association or stay silent’ i.e. Someone trying to talk, the guard will simply give you a blow to the head.”

Her tweet though funny as it sounds is the perfect thing to do to prevent stories that will address an extraordinary day where a woman must spend the greatest day of her life, so playing it safe against whatever might turn out badly is tricky. A need whose importance cannot be underestimated.


However, the reality star is simply trying to be entertaining with her tweet, as a rule, there are individuals who are known to have recruited the impressive skill of a guard against things that turn badly, or a previous relationship that needs to intrude on a wedding, the security currently in use will be tasked with keeping things together , ensuring that no harm is terminated to their customers.