A controversial artist, Nkechi Gift Sunday admitted she is an irredeemable personality.

Nikichi, who had various friendships and cut them off, declared freely that she would not hesitate to become hopelessly infatuated.


Someone’s mother revealed this on her Instagram page by describing a video of the couple in affection that she saw, making her smile and energized to consider how wonderful life must be to the point where we witness couples in adoration.

The charismatic artist also spoke when Nigeria was formed in a country that shows hostility to the husbands who are fascinated by them.

As the globe goes through tons, she implored her fans to choose to look, love, and stop the acrimony.

Nkechi said: “I staggered into a video dear to him today and it made me smile so much that I said a request to them, wishing them the bliss of being there daily… This is exactly the way life should be seeing individuals in love and joy,

“Be happy for themselves and wish them well, when did we develop into this in Nigeria that when you see two happy individuals the next thing that comes to your mind is hostility? The world is going through so much right now that the main thing we really want at the moment is to give love and grace, Cus in Reality many individuals go through many things that they cannot fill anyone with!!!In everything you do in life please choose kindness over bitterness.

I’m a miserable heart and I’m never embarrassed to fall in love over and over in the future.”