How to start Mini importation business in Ghana

Is Mini importation business profitable?

Yes, the mini importation business is very much profitable in Nigeria. You can start with as low as 50k, but always have it in mind to go for goods in high demand, this way, you’ll definitely sell faster and make a huge profit.

How do I become an importer in Ghana?

Your first step to importing into Ghana should be to register your company. You can do this through the Registrar General’s Department, where you will obtain a certificate. You must also register with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a tax clearance certificate.

How much do I need to start a mini importation business?

Indeed, the mini-importation business is one of the cheapest businesses you can start and in a few months, start smiling your way to the bank. With just N10,000, you can begin and make as much as 200% profit depending on your marketing and sales prowess.

How much is customs duty in Ghana?

5% – Basic necessities, basic raw materials, Capital Goods, Specific Inputs. 10% – Inputs and Intermediary Products (Semi-Finished Goods) 20% – Finished Goods (final Consumer goods) 35% – Specific goods for Economic Development.

What are Ghana’s main imports?

Imports The top imports of Ghana are Refined Petroleum ($669M), Cars ($492M), Rice ($391M), Delivery Trucks ($283M), and Coated Flat-Rolled Iron ($273M), importing mostly from China ($6.75B), Netherlands ($867M), United States ($787M), India ($749M), and United Arab Emirates ($522M).

How can I import from Turkey to Nigeria?

Simply walk into any of the Nigeria commercial Bank and tell them your intent. You will be asked to fill a form M to establish a letters of credit for importations. After a few documentation and bank charges, you will be able to import. Quite easy actually because most of your dealings will be with the bank.

How lucrative is importation business in Nigeria?

So the export business is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into, with the profit margins on some select agricultural products and solid minerals being anywhere from 20% to sometimes over 100%.

Do I need a company to import?

Yes, you don’t need to register a company to import products. At least not in most markets. As such, individuals can import products from abroad, and have the cargo cleared through customs. All taxes, such as import duties and VAT, can also be paid directly by the individual.

How do I import goods from China to Ghana?

Find a freight forwarder in China who can ship the goods from China to Ghana for you. Products often are picked up and delivered by a freight forwarder. He or she will take care of everything from transportation to customs to loading and unloading the cargo.

How can I import cheap products from China?

One of the best way to import the goods from China i.e is Online through Alibaba or AliExpress or you can use some other third parties agent which can do this on your behalf as Commission Basis.