How to Get FUT Stars in FIFA 23


Everything you need to know about FUT Stars in FIFA 23.

One of the biggest ways for the FIFA franchise in recent times is FIFA Ultimate Team, otherwise known as FUT. A game mode that requires a lot of time and effort to earn rewards, this year EA Sports is taking a more accessible approach to things by including its new FUT Moments gameplay experience. This will allow players to play solo and earn rewards for those who are wondering How to get FUT Stars in FIFA 23?read on.

Getting FUT Stars in FIFA 23

Essentially, FUT Stars are currency that a player will earn by participating in various unique challenges that will be updated in FUT 23, from skill training to recreating real football match highlights.

FUT Stars

Image Source : EA Games via Twinfinit

By completing the conditions of these challenges under different moments, such as passing a ball multiple times or scoring a goal, you’ll earn FUT Stars. Lowering the difficulty level can result in a different number of FUT stars. There is also a time limit to meet the requirements, so watch the clock. In addition, completing all the moments within a chapter and their respective reward levels will earn the Group Reward, which is a bonus number of FUT Stars.

FUT Stars Gallery
Image Source : EA Games via Twinfinit

FUT stars do not expire and you will be able to use them all season in FUT 23. You can then visit the FUT Star Gallery to exchange your FUT stars for prizes.

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