How Did Vicky Phelan Die? Cervical Cancer Campaigner Died At 48

A famous social activist named Vicky Phelan recently passed away leaving all her lover sad. The famous cervical cancer advocate passed away during the morning hours of Monday, November 14, 2023. She was admitted to Milford Hospice located in Limerick where she took her last breath. All her followers and family members were shocked after learning of this unfortunate event. Many popular figures and media organizations confirmed the news of her death via social media platforms. She was a brave and loving woman. Get more information about the cause of Vicky Phelan’s death and other important details.

How Vicky Phelan died from a campaign of cervical cancer at the age of 48

How did Vicki Phelan die?

According to the latest updates, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014. Four years later in April 2018, she was able to settle a high-profile lawsuit worth 2.5 million euros with Clinical Pathology Labs US, without any admission of liability. Before that in 2011, she underwent a swab test and her reports were pretty good at the time. However, they said the results were wrong. The false result was found during an internal cervical screening check. Later Phelan went to the United States several times for treatment.

Who was Vicki Villan?

In 2018, I launched the Scally Independent investigation and the report got a lot of attention all over. The event also led to the installation of a 221+ support group and an apology from the state. A year later, Phelan wrote his memoir Overcoming in 2019 which also received great attention and appeared as Post Book of the Year.

In 2018, she joined one of the BBC’s 100 Women. The document was even presented focusing on some important events in her life titled Vicky and shown on some of the major OTT platforms. The documentary is acclaimed by viewers everywhere. People are keen to explore the documentary content to learn more about Phelan.

She was born in Waterford in 1974 and was 48 years old at the time of her death. Additionally, in February 2023, Phelan received Limerick Freedom in recognition of her role in Campaign Cervical. So far, she is survived by her sons Amelia and Dara and her ex-husband Jim.

We also mentioned all her family members are in mourning for her death while her funeral information has not been announced yet. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and may the pure soul rest in peace. Stay in touch with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.