How Did O’dell Owens Die? Longtime Cincinnati Health Leader & Doctor Dies At 74

Dr. Odell Owens, Cincinnati’s longtime health leader, is sadly no longer among his closest and admirers, as his unfortunate passing at the age of 74 occurred on Wednesday, November 24, 2023. Yes, you heard correctly, the entire Health Department is in mourning. Losing him in a certain way they couldn’t even imagine. Thus, almost everyone expresses their deep sadness while sending heartfelt quotes, as no one even imagined that he would leave the globe in a certain way. So below you can explore everything you need to know plus some little known facts.

How Odell Owens, Cincinnati's longtime health leader and physician, died

How did Odell Owens die?

According to exclusive reports or sources, Dr. Odell Owens’ 75th birthday was just around the corner but unfortunately his health didn’t allow him to survive and so he had to leave the world in a certain way. Amidst, there are a few reports claiming that he was diagnosed with a fatal health complication which was constantly ravaging his internal body organs while making it worse. Thus, the medical staff had been treating him for a very long time, so that they could bring him in alive, but unfortunately they could not save him and it is a matter of great grief.

Who was Dr. Odell Owens?

Dr. Odell Owens, 74, was a pioneer in medicine who founded the University of Cincinnati’s In Vitro Fertilization Program and archived Cincinnati’s first and laudable idea and sent a better delivery service. He graduated from Woodward High School and after completing his studies he took a step towards a career where he rose to fame with his knowledge and left his mark in several hearts and that is why, many people considered him as their idol. But now, unfortunately, he is no longer with us, which is very sad.

Since then, the news has spread on social media, and I’ve begun to pay homage to him across social media, especially on Twitter, where a wave of copious heartfelt quotes has trickled in. Because thousands of people are expressing their grief at the loss of a legend while standing by his family at this difficult time, losing an integral part of their family and it is so painful that there is nothing worse than seeing the passing of someone close to us in a certain way. So we will pray for the strength of his family and also pray for God’s mercy (RIP Dr. O’dell Owens).