How did Moisés Fuentes die? Mexican boxer cause of death Explained

How did Moises Fuentes die?  Explain the cause of death of the Mexican boxer

Former world champion boxer Moisés Fuentes passed away tragically at the age of 37 on November 24, 2023. Let us see more details about Moy Fuentes and the cause of his death.

Moises Fuentes cause of death

Former world champion boxer Moy Fuentes died Thursday morning at the age of just 37, one year after he suffered a stroke in a fight. The Mexican, who made the transition from minimum weight to superfly, suffered a devastating injury in a sixth-round knockout defeat to David Cuellar Contreras in October 2021.

He was quickly taken to the hospital. He underwent emergency surgery to reduce swelling in the brainAnd he fought for a year trying to be here for his family. Mauricio Suleiman, president of the World Boxing Council, announced Fuentes’ death Thursday morning.

Who is Moises Fuentes Rubio?

Moises Fuentes Rubio was born on September 20, 1985. He is a Mexican professional boxer who held the WBO junior middleweight title from 2011 to 2013 and the interim WBO junior flyweight title from 2013 to 2014.

Moses Fuentes

real name Moises Fuentes Rubio
nicknames) Moy
weight (s)


Small flyweight


Super fly weight

to rise 5 ft 6+12 in (169 cm)
Reach 68 inches (173 cm)
Boy September 20, 1985
Mexico City, Mexico
Die November 24, 2023 (age 37)
Attitude Orthodoxy
Boxing record Number
Total battles 33
Wins 25
wins by KO 14
losses 7
Draw 1
33 fights, 25 wins, 7 losses

Career trip

The interim WBC youth title went to Fuentes on February 6, 2010, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, after he defeated Mexican Eduardo González in a ten-round unanimous decision. In Guadalajara in 2011, he defeated Raul García in a split decision to earn the WBO junior heavyweight title.

In 2013, he competed in the Philippines against Donny Nietes for the lightweight championship in a bid to win two world titles. Although he put in a great performance, the bout was tied by a split decision.

After two straight knockout losses, including a first-round KO loss to WBC flyweight champion Daigo Higa, he retired from boxing in 2018. After more than three years out of the ring, Fuentes eventually returned in 2021, but was defeated by Cuellar and struggled From a terrible stroke as a result.

He was knocked out in nine rounds

Manila The Philippines With a convincing ninth-round technical knockout victory over former defending champion Moises Fuentes at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines, Donny Nites cemented his place as the world’s best boxer at 108 pounds.

After eight rounds of competitive boxing, Nietes caught a very aggressive Fuentes coming in with a counter right hand, stunning him briefly before forcing him to kneel. Netes recovered a point for attacking Fuentes when he was down, but the small reprieve did little to help the downed Mexico City native.

The bout was a rematch by unanimous decision in Cebu, Philippines, in 2013. Nietes, a 31-year-old Filipino from Bacolod City (33-1-4, 19 KOs), won the vacant 108-pound RING championship while defending the junior flyweight crown his own. It was Fuentes’ first defeat since 2011 at the age of 28 (19-2, 10 points). Nietes again knocked Fuentes to the floor with a right chop, prompting the referee to stop the fight at 2:56.

Greetings to Moises Fuentes

WBC President Mauricio Suleiman The announcement came on Twitter on Thursday, writing, “Thank God Moises Fuentes is already resting in peace. A warrior who fought to his last breath. Our condolences to his family and friends and our appreciation to his wife for her dedication and devotion with unspeakable love during this difficult year of suffering.”

“Our condolences go out to his family and friends and our appreciation to his wife for her dedication and devotion with indescribable love during this difficult year of suffering.” “May he rest in peace.”

Fellow Mexican boxer Slim Urbina He also paid tribute to Fuentes, saying: “Moises Fuentes was knocked out last fight in October 2021. Since then he had surgery and fought for a whole year to try and stay here for his family.

“Today he says goodbye. Today I ask the boxing world not to forget him. Today I ask to respect boxers and pray every time you enter the ring.
“It was a pleasure to coincide with you in this friendly life. RIP Moises Fuentes.”

while avadded: “Damn it. Shocking news regarding the death of Moises Fuentes. Share the ring with the best of 105 to 115. RIP, Champ.”

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