How did Judi Billing die? Hertfordshire Councillor Cause of death Explained

Judy Billing

Hertfordshire County Councilor Judy Pilling, MBE, died suddenly in the early hours of Thursday, 24 November, at the age of 71. Let’s see how a Hertfordshire County Councilor died and Judy Billing caused death in detail.

How did Judy Billing die?

Judy Billing MBE, long serving member of Herts North and Hertfordshire county councils, has received the honour. Sadly, Judy, a 71-year-old Labor councilor who had served Hitchin Burton for 42 years, passed away.

Mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all describe Judy. Jody has served as a Hertfordshire Labor Cluster Leader since 2013 and has been a District Councilor for North Hitchin.

She has spent decades serving the people of Hitchin as a county and county councilor. Judy Billing passed away with her family around her.

Cause of death of Judy Billing:

Billing has been the Executive Member for Community Engagement on the North Herts Council and has been a member of the Hitchin Bearton Ward District Council continuously since 1980.

The cause of death of Jodie Billing has not yet been revealed. Death seems to be a factor of aging and a natural cause. Judy passed away with her family around her in the early hours of this morning. It is not known if she suffered from any illness or disease.

In her position on the Local Government Association, she worked across party lines to support the effectiveness of the Chancellor and to strengthen local government.

She recently attended a Young Democracy event sponsored by the Council, which she re-established in 2019. It was a beautiful occasion that showed her passion for democracy and her commitment to encouraging youth participation.

Who was Judy Billing?

Judy Billing first worked as a local councilor when she was in her 20s and has been a labor activist for 45 years.

In September 2013, at the Hitchin North by-election caused by the early death of her husband David, she joined the county council working group.

Judy leads the County Labor Group and does everything she can to make sure the team always fights above its weight and serves its constituents with the labor values ​​it truly holds.

Through a variety of positions in the Local Government Association and the Employment Advisers Association, Judy also contributes to labor local government on a regional and national level.

She has always focused on public health, education, and community engagement, but she also indulges in potholes, street lights, and dog poop when needed. I have recently developed a strong passion for reunification issues on both the social and environmental fronts.

Judy has focused on people’s wellness for the past 15 months. They ensure that the local population is fed, housed, protected and healthy. They ensure their mental health and wellbeing support needs are met.

Judy has also made significant contributions to the local economy and has worked with the arts communities to help them collaborate and grow as large as possible.

Tribute to Judy Billing:

Jeremy Newmark Spread ,

A day full of sad news. He was devastated by the death of Judy Billing. Quite literally the matriarch of a Labor local government family in the East of England. Always a source of wisdom and common sense.

A huge loss of constituents in Hertfordshire County Council, where she led the Labor group, and in North Herts County Council, where she was a key influence in moving Labor from opposition to power.

Judy was also a strong, proud and resonant Jewish voice within the Labor Party during incredibly difficult times.

May her memory be a blessing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Michael Payne Spread ,

Absolutely sad to hear my dear friend Judy Billing has passed away. Very few people enter your life and leave such a lasting impression on your heart as Judy did when you met her nearly twelve years ago.

Our Goody Promise – We will continue your fight for justice, equality, and equity. We learned from the best.

Our promise is that you will continue to guide us.

I love you for ever.

May your memory be a blessing.

Ian Albert Spread ,

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my wonderful friend and colleague Judy Billing who passed away this morning. My daughter Louise Claire Albert And I will never forget her support, love and kindness after my wife passed away. rest in peace Judy Billing.

Keir Starmer tweet,

I am saddened to learn that Judi Billing MBE has passed away. A councilor for over 40 years and committed to helping others, Judy’s service to the Labor Party and local government has been unparalleled. My thoughts are with Judy’s family and friends.

LGA work tweet,

All of us at LGA Labor are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Judy Billing. Judy’s service for many years to local government and @employee it was amazing. We will miss her. Our thoughts are with her family and many friends.

Hertfordshire Labor Group tweet,

We are saddened to hear the very sad news this morning of the passing of our dear colleague and Group Leader Judi Billing. We send our deepest condolences and sympathy to Judy’s family.

Hertmeier work tweet,

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of WP Grande, local government giant, Cllr Judi Billing MBE. Our thoughts are with Judy’s family at this sad time.

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