Jim Paula cause of death

Jim Bola, the most successful women’s basketball coach in women’s basketball history who led the team to the NCAA Championship 7 times, died Friday night after a long-term illness. Let’s see how Jim Bola died and why Jim Bola died in detail.

How did Jim Paula die?

Jim Bola, who coached UNLV women’s basketball from 1982 to 1996, suffered seven hours of severe stomach cramps before deciding to go to the medical center in August 2017. That would begin a journey that eventually revealed he had a cancerous tumor in the small intestine that was He has a carcinoma. It spread to the liver and was so invasive that doctors were unable to remove it. The doctor described the area and spots around the tumor as “a piece of meat that looks like someone has peppered it.”

Paula underwent triple surgery on his failing heart, which had been causing him problems for years, three months after he was diagnosed with cancer and after he had dropped from 245 pounds to 195.

Instead, a four-hour procedure that required six overruns and a hole closure, and valve repair took eight hours to complete.

After doctors told him his heart was temporarily repaired, Paula woke up and started talking about attacking the tumor. “For me, that’s no different than inflating the knee,” he said. “The doctors are doing their duty and I am following suit. I can feel sorry for myself and the baby myself, but that’s not me. I want to kick this thing,” Paula said in an interview.

in The age From 70, he is Passed successfully far on me October 21, 2023, in The evening. Cancer was the cause of Jim Paula’s death.

Jim Paula cause of death

At the age of 70, Jim Bola passed away on the evening of October 21, 2023. The cause of Jim Bola’s death was cancer. Paula was diagnosed with cancer in August 2017 after visiting the emergency room. Carcinoid tumors started in the small intestine and spread to the liver.

Surgeons cannot remove the tumor. Jim Bola traveled from his Las Vegas residence to UCLA to get regular treatments between his UCLA oncologist and Las Vegas cardiologists. He said in the interview, “Cancer has no idea who messed with him this time.”

Jim Bolla’s career

Paula began his coaching career from 1975 to 1977 as an assistant coach for the Pittsburgh men’s basketball team. From 1982 to 1996, Paula had a record of 300-120, arguably the most number of wins in the program’s history.

Between 1982 and 1988, Paula coached with his former team Sheila Strike Bulla. During those six seasons, Lady Rebels competed in three NCAA Championships and one Women’s National Invitational Tournament.
Bolla has received three Big West Coach awards of the year.

Before being promoted to share head coaching duties, he spent one season as a temporary coach in Las Vegas after moving there from his hometown of Pittsburgh in 1981. He was on the University of Pittsburgh basketball team. It started at the Panthers Center when they reached the Elite Eight in 1974.
Paula stayed at home and graduated as an assistant coach for the men’s team from 1976 to 1971 before transferring to the women’s team.

From 1982 to 1996, he held a record 300-120, arguably the most number of wins in the program’s history. From 2009 to 2020, Cathy Olivier won 182 matches. The only other coach to win more matches in UNLV than Bolla (71.4%) was Dan Ayala (82.5%) from 1975 to 1980. Under Bolla’s leadership, UNLV won five conference championship titles as well as four Big West regular season titles.

After completing his coaching career at UNLV, he moved up the management ranks of the athletics department and served as development director there until 2001. Paula returned as a coach in 2004 at the University of Hawaii, where he spent five seasons and collected a 64-80 record.

His wife, Dallas, began working as a coach in 2008. She has experience as a coach, and between 1998 and 2003 she led Long Beach State to three Big West Championship games. Their daughter Sasha, who is now a junior at DePaul University, was a prominent volleyball player at Coronado High School.

Greetings to Jim Paula:

Publishing Coaches’ Corner in Las Vegas,

It saddens me to inform you of the passing of my dearest friend Jim Paula. Nice to meet you

Be on air with him and be a great friend

The last 20 years. We shared heart stories where we both got 5 major arterial replacements. I can’t explain how well he has treated me since I met him in Hawaii when he was a coach there. A phenomenal guy with a lot of knowledge about Vegas and Hawaii, which is why we hit it off so well. God bless you coach and I promise we will miss you all here! Good job sir on all levels!

Lots of love to my brother and friend coach Jim Paula and his family!

Scott Gulbransen tweeted,

Jim Paula’s impact on the lives around him is immeasurable. Even my kids were devastated because he taught them and found ways to encourage them. Good generations because of one man. He won the hoops games but that’s his legacy… making life better.

Dave Kokin posted,

Sad to hear that Jim Paula passed away this evening. Put UNLV Lady Rebels on the map. A wonderful guy who sure has fought a good fight against cancer. Adios coach, you will miss it.

Kalin S. tweeted.

RIP coach Jim Paula. You fought to the end until your body could no longer fight. I will be forever grateful to have had the honor of knowing you and working with you. You are a great friend. May your memory live forever, and may you watch over us like the angel that you are now.

Joe Arrigo tweeted,

When I got a phone call yesterday evening regarding the passing of coach Jim Paula, my heart broke. When he called, I would pick him up. It was special. He was one of the nicest people I’ve met, with a passion for sports and youth, but especially for UNLV and his family.

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