The entire Karnataka is going through a huge shock with the loss of Deputy Speaker of Parliament “Anand Mamani” who is sadly no longer among his confidants and admirers as his unfortunate passing away at the age of 56 years. Countless social media sites began honoring the deceased as no one even assumed he would leave the world in a certain way. Hence, everyone mourns a great loss that was not sufficiently foreseen and has shaken many souls. Below you can explore everything you need to know plus some little-known facts.

How did Anand Mamani die?  Vice President of Karnataka dies at the age of 56 What is the cause of his death?

According to reports or exclusive sources, the Vice President of Karnataka took his last breath on Saturday night, 22nd October 2023 at Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru, where he was being treated by the medical team for a very long time due to health complications. Hence, he was kept under the watch of the doctors so that they could bring him alive while they would bless him with another breath. But unfortunately, they had to kneel before the complications as his health stopped working with the treatment, and the doctors couldn’t do anything.

What happened to Anand Mamani?

Reportedly, Anand Mamani was hospitalized last month after he had sufficiently deteriorated due to health complications. Hence, he was checked by the medical team so that they could give him the best treatment and bring him forward in good health. But, unfortunately, the recovery rate of his health was not adequate and thus he was recovering slowly. The doctors did their best to save him as they gave him the exact treatment but nothing worked before God’s will. Thus, he has to leave the globe in a certain way that no one imagined, and therefore, almost everyone is in mourning or lost.

Since the news broke on social media, countless tributes have begun to pay tribute to him via Twitter, with many popular faces in the political world also expressing their grief over his loss. Since there is nothing more painful than seeing the passing of someone close to us, the entire social media has been flooded with reactions or condolence quotes as his fans are standing by the family at this difficult time so that their strength remains before them bear the pain of losing an integral part of their family (RIP Anand Mamani) Follow the Social Telecast to find out more.