House of the Dragon: Every Dragonrider in the Show and Which Side They are on in the Targaryen Civil War

The Targaryen’s civil war, called the Dance of Dragons, is about to begin in the House of the Dragon. Both sides of the family: the blacks and the greens, possess fantastic beasts, and the side with the most powerful dragons will certainly have a superior advantage over their opponents.

Here we explain all the dragons seen in the series so far and the side they are on. So you can fairly decide which side of the family seems stronger when it comes to their enemies, the Dracarys.

Rhinera Targaryen: Syrax, Team Black

Syrax was the first dragon to appear in the first episode of House of the Dragon. This golden beast, belonging to Princess Rhinera, is named after the ancient goddess Valeria. Although not the largest dragon in Westeros, the Syrax is described as “huge and magnificent,” and is known for its speed.

According to Fire & Blood, Rhaenyra became a dragon clairvoyant at the age of seven after being associated with Syrax. The dragon would surely give her a superior advantage against her friend turned arch-nemesis Aliscent, who is not a dragon rider.

Devil Targaryen: Caraxes, Black team

Another dragon that has appeared since the first episode is Caraxes, a “slender and red beast” that has a long, snake-like neck. In the book, he is described as “the fiercest of all the little dragons in the Dragonpit”.

Caraxes has a great appetite. He is ‘wild, cunning and battle tested’ and is known to be tough on enemies. The dragon was initially owned by Prince Aemon Targaryen, son of King Gehris, but was tamed by a demon after his uncle’s death.

Aemond Targaryen: Vhagar, Team Green

Currently, the largest and oldest dragon in the Seven Kingdoms, Vhagar, who helped Aegon the Conqueror in his quest, belonged to Princess Laena Velaryon until her death in Episode 6. In the next episode, Prince Aemond rides the dragon at the hands of Prince Aemond, the second son of King Viserys and Alicent This gave the greens a huge advantage over the blacks.

According to the book, “Vhagar fires burned enough to melt the stone.” Its experience in battle, and its sheer size, made it the deadliest beast in Westeros.

Aegon II Targaryen: Sunfyre, Team Green

Although we only see Sunfyre briefly on the show, the golden dragon is described as “the most beautiful dragon seen in the known world”. The monster belongs to the new king, Aegon II Targaryen, the eldest son of Viserys and Aliscent.

Helena Targaryen: Dreamfyre, Team Green

Dreamfyre has not been explicitly entered into the show yet; However, it was mentioned several times over the course of the first season. This beautiful silver and blue beast now belongs to Princess Helena, daughter of King Viserys and Aliscent.

Rhaenys Targaryen: Meleys, Team Black

While Millis made a brief appearance at first, she made a huge impact in Episode 9 when she stormed into Egon’s coronation, terrifying the Greens before flying to help Rhinera.

Melis is known as the “Red Queen”, due to its crimson color. It initially belonged to Viserys’ mother, Princess Alyssa Targaryen, but was later boarded by Princess Rennes.

Jacques Villarion: Vermax, Team Black

If Aliscent’s children have their own dragons, Rhinera’s children aren’t far behind. Her eldest son Jacques Fellarion climbs Vermax, who first appeared in Episode 6 while Prince was trying to teach him “Dracari”.

Lucerys Velaryon: Arrax, Team Black

Raynera’s second son and Jess’ younger brother, Luce, also has his own dragon. Described as the “pearly white monster” in the books, Arrax has yet to appear on the show.

sea ​​smoke

The faint gray dragon, known to silently attack its enemies, belonged to Lenore Philaeron and played a huge role in the Battle of the Scaled Stones. Now that Lenore had escaped across the Narrow Sea and was presumed dead, the fate of the dragon had yet to be revealed.

While the Blacks definitely have more Dragons on their side, the Greens have the massive Vhagar in their favour. It will now be interesting to watch the battle between monsters and see who survives the dance of dragons.