Funnybone Has Revealed The Death Of A Loved Once Surpasses The Physical Pain Everyone Sees

Three years after losing his mother, comedian and artist Stanley Chibona, aka Funnybone, has revealed the death of a friend or family member is way beyond the level of actual aggravation everyone sees.

Funnybone took to his Instagram page to remember his late mother who passed away after a short illness and how he is still traumatized by her death.

Funnybone pens felt the burner note to remember his late mother

Sharing photos and an acting craft of his late mother, Funnybone said: “I struggled to get comfortable that evening. I was sweating profusely and the air conditioner was in great shape. I carried myself to the bathroom and cleaned up, and when I finished I felt like it!!!

“I felt like a puff, like someone repeated my name and then out of nowhere I got chills and got cold and shivering. My phone rang fast!!!

“I was walking around to get my phone but where it mattered, I was convinced it was your voice that I heard in my bathroom. I knew it gee I just knew it. I got the call and my older brother said to meet you all at the medical clinic that your health regressed and you went back to the emergency clinic.

“I quickly got up and headed to the emergency clinic. I came to the emergency clinic and saw you. I could swear you were resting. I didn’t quite accept that the specialists had brought you to another facility and then the specialist told me straight away. Brother, you are no longer there.

“My heart left me. My solidarity bombarded me but you asked to come see you that very day so that we could talk. My mother left a lot like that.”

Will I ever stop crying?? I’m wondering about her too. Where do we sleep? You stayed in the pit for me. You never miss your first morning group remembrance not just once. sleep.

I simply want to say thank you for everything. To atone for guilt and battles. You have given everything to be accepted. I worked firmly in the sun and rain.

“Thank you very much Nwanyi Amiichi. I generally remember these lines Chibunna as presuming they are yours and will undoubtedly follow you. Simply remain content. I will book a Mass in your name today and pray before your favorite sacred celebration.

Funnybone mourns the late mother

Kemi Filani News reviews that Funnybone shared a photo of his mother announcing that she passed away on Friday, October 25, 2019.

The Anambra-born artist remembers her a year later, as he shared a message close to home as this was what he had found out despite the fact that it had been one year since his mother had left him, he actually noticed himself calling her number for sure, it didn’t. It was a fantasy of the period.

He said, “I can still hardly imagine how I will never see you again. One year gone by now I actually miss you mom.

“Extreme year I have to say. Not having you around breaks me down. Not having the option to contact you and have really erratic discussions about anything hurts a lot more. The fact that I can’t have some conversations without real shocks me deeply. I tried but ended up thinking twice. mom i miss you

“Intense year.. I actually find myself dropping your streak simply because your death was just a fantasy. You’ve cemented the realization that you are in a superior position. I miss you and will continually adore you NWANYI AMICH. God bless your soul.. Ayna.”