Friends Said Woman’s Death on Mexico Getaway Was Caused by Alcohol — But Authorities Suspect Homicide

After Shanquilla Robinson’s parents found their girl had died while traveling in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the end of last month, her groomsmen allegedly told the distraught family that the 25-year-old had died of alcohol abuse. Guardians said.

However, Robinson’s death is currently being sought as a homicide, Mexican specialists told ABC News, The Everyday Monster, and WBTV News.

Moreover, the FBI has opened an examination regarding the demise of Charlotte, North Carolina, an individual representative told.

According to Mexico’s chief state legal official exploring the case, Robinson’s death on Oct. 29 was a female homicide — a kind of directive that can’t afford to go wrong.

Simply one day before her death, Robinson appeared in town with six mates for the weekend to pay tribute to her companion’s birthday, Sovereign City News reports.

“She told me they had a gourmet. They were getting ready to eat. They were eating tacos or a meal of mixed vegetables or something, and I said, ‘Okay.'”

I love you. Nice evening, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” her mother, Salamondra Robinson, told QCN. “At no time did I speak to my future little boy.”

The next day, Salamondra received a call from Robinson’s mates who had gone with her to Mexico, telling the mother that her young daughter had died, ABC News noted.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol damage,” Salamondra told Sovereign City News. “Everyone who was with her was telling different stories.”

In any case, Robinson’s death announcement, obtained by WSOC Television, reveals that she died from a severe spinal injury and a complex maple book dislocation, a fracture of the sensory system caused by misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae. No reference is made to the liquor in the will to pass, according to the WSOC.

Furthermore, the archives explained that the time between her physical problem and her redemption was about 15 minutes. The outlet says a case has already been taken up asking whether her death was “accidental or vicious.” Robinson was tracked obliviously to a family room on the evening of October 29, the traffic announcement said.

‘Disgusting’ video Sallamondra Robinson told Great Morning America that someone ‘contacted us [the family] He said someone was fighting it there.”

Recently, a disturbing video initially distributed by a blogger in North Carolina became an internet sensation showing a stripped woman Robinson allegedly being brutally punched by another woman, The Everyday Monster reports.

Someone in the room was heard asking, “Quella, can you basically fight at any point in the back? Something at any rate?” Blogger Gerald Jackson told The Day to Day Monster he got the lock from “someone who was in the room sent it To a solitary relative they are companions with him.

Robinson’s father, Bernard, confirmed to The Everyday Monster that the person in the video is Robinson. “The video is sickening,” Robinson’s older sister, Quila Long, told GMA.

Shortly after Robinson’s death, the US State Division told Sovereign City News that there was no clear evidence that treason was connected to Robinson’s death.

When a US resident dies abroad, a representative for the US division said in an email to individuals that the death of a US citizen occurred in Mexico, and the office generally provides appropriate consular assistance to the family. Likewise, the State Department of Personnel has alluded to Mexican experts on anything to do with the exam.

Members associated with the Robinson family and delegate to Cabo Manors, where Robinson and her companions remain. No one had responded to individuals’ requests for input by the time of publication. Meanwhile, the Robinsons need to see justice for their little girl. “God willing, I suppose I will work quickly on this,” Bernard Robinson told WSOC.

“God will not fall,” he said. “I don’t give up. I am exceptionally sure that I will find harmony in the brain.”

The family started a GoFundMe to raise assets for Robinson’s memorial service.