Nollywood star Frederick Leonard is hurting and breaking Nigerian ladies’ hearts after transmitting a video of him and his better half, actress Peggy Ofir.

On October 21, 20222, Peggy’s birthday, the supernatural couple, who have been secretly dating, revealed their feelings.

Artist Peggy Ovire is the one Frederick Leonard will use whatever remains of his existence, announced to the world through her confirmed Instagram page.

While celebrating Peggy’s birthday, Frederick Leonard wrote her heartfelt words.

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“I have to keep it.. I like to appreciate..

In great times and in all times.. Throughout the years my love for you has remained constant. Look how far we have become children. It’s your birthday today and that’s how the world is watching you.. but our affection.. I will always abide. Happy BIRTHDAYPEGGYOVIRE. My baby valentine.. I love you ❤️ “

Born on the 1st of May, Frederick is the primary offspring of two, a resident of Anambra State in Nigeria, a natural chemistry graduate who broke into the acting standard in 2008 with his presentation, a perfect movie called “Indian Specialist” and the hit TV series “Exposure” In 2009, after which he became famous from that moment on.