Fran Drescher, Paula's cousin, died: cause of death explained

Fran Drescher is one of the famous American actresses whose cousin Paula died while resting in bed on Friday afternoon. Let’s see the cause of Paula’s death.

The cause of death of Fran Drescher, Paula’s cousin

According to Fran Drescher’s official Facebook, the death of her cousin Paula has been silently confirmed. The statement reads,

My beloved cousin Paula passed away while resting in bed on Friday afternoon. This comes as a huge shock to those who love it. She was smart, playful, of a giving nature and a huge heart. I can’t believe how softly I slipped. She was 62 years old. RIP mon cousin. Paris wouldn’t be what it was without you…

Also, an exact cause of death has not been revealed yet. As soon as we have enough information regarding the cause of her death, we will update this page.

Paula’s participation in the Cancer Schmaneser movement

Schmancer . Cancer Target It is saving lives by replacing the country’s current healthcare system with a real healthcare system.

We do this using a three-pronged strategy.

Avoid getting cancer

Schmancer promotes a forward-thinking, whole-body approach to wellness. Through a variety of activities, we teach adults and children how to recognize the root causes of cancer and other diseases and remove them from their daily lives.

We recruit medical experts who work and conduct research in the areas of functional and integrative medicine, and encourage individuals to consider the connections between mind, body, and spirit as well as the links between their health and the health of the entire planet. Let’s avoid illness in the first place, Fran suggests. How about it for treatment?

early recognition

When caught early, the vast majority of tumors can be cured. The Cancer Schmancer helps women in poor neighborhoods find free or inexpensive screening services while providing information about self-examination and early warning symptoms.
“Catch it as soon as you arrive, 90% survival” is our motto.

A change in policy.

The Women’s Reproductive System Cancer Education and Awareness Act of 2007 was passed with global support thanks in large part to Schmancer. The Washingtonian Magazine recognized Fran as one of the Top 5 Celebrity Lobbyists.

Our recent campaign urges customers, especially young people, to use their purchasing power to influence ethical manufacturing trends. Manufacturers will stop producing dangerous items if you stop buying them today.

Who was Fran Drescher?

Francine Joy Drescher, American actress, comedian, writer, activist and trade union organizer, born September 30, 1957.

She is best known for playing Fran Fine on the 1993-1999 television sitcom The Nanny, which she and then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson wrote and produced.

Drescher made her acting debut in 1977 on Saturday Night Fever, and went on to star in the 1978 American Hot Wax and Wes Craven’s horror film Stranger in Our House (1978).

She established a successful television career in the 1980s by making guest appearances on several series while best known as a comedic actress in the films Gorp (1980), The Hollywood Knights (1980), Doctor Detroit (1983), This Is Spinal Tap (1984) and UHF (1989). ).

She rose to stardom as Fran Fine in her sitcom The Nanny in 1993. Throughout the show’s run, she received nominations for two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy Television Series. Drescher played the main roles in the comedy Living with Fran and Happy Divorced in the 2000s. She has played the lead role in the Hotel Transylvania animated film series since 2012.

Drescher made her Broadway debut in Cinderella on February 4, 2014, playing Madame, the stepmother. She starred in the NBC sitcom Indebted in 2020.

On September 2, 2021, Drescher was selected as the new president of the SAG-AFTRA union, which represents actors and other media professionals.

Condolences of the people and RIP messages to Paula

Jeff Jankarek tweet,

I’m so sorry to hear this news, Fran. I will remember your cousin in my daily shift this evening. rest in heavenly peace…

Laurie Kubiak Rowe He said,

Send hugs, love and prayers. I’m sorry for your loss

Kristen Thayer Fashion He said,

very sorry pastry chef!! 62 is too small. My condolences to you and your entire family. Hug!

Ludovic Alexandre Vidal He said,

We are devastated by this news…thinking a lot about Cousin Paula…and yes, Paris wouldn’t be the same without her, many good memories together…sending love and light to her and your family.

Francesca Pirob He said,

My condolences but I know you’ll never lose her. She is still with you in spirit. Look for the signs. She will send you a message of love and light.

Lucy Rodriguez He said,

My deepest condolences to you and everyone who loves her.

Alison Marshall Morales He said,

My condolences to you and your family. I can relate. My older sister died suddenly on October 17th. She was 60 years old. She had just served her the eleventh Friday (Veterans Day)… She was still in shock as well….

Salamati Abiodun Ibrahim He said,

Warm condolences to you and your entire family. May the Lord grant her eternal paradise, and comfort you all with her beautiful memories

Louise Giuliano He said,

So sad and sorry for your loss, Fran. But look at it that way she did not suffer, nor was she afraid that God would take her home in his loving arms in peace. Praying for you and your family stay strong.

Meryl Herowood Freundlich He said,

My sincere condolences, Fran, to you and your entire family for the sudden and unexpected loss of your beloved cousin Paula. May her memory be a blessing and comfort to all who touched her life. To paraphrase a famous movie quote, “It will always be Paris.”

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