Florida Mum Michelle Parker Still Missing

It’s been nearly 11 years since Michelle Parker disappeared after leaving her 3-year-old twins at their father’s home in Orlando, Florida. Parker was 33 at the time of her disappearance, and her case remains unsolved.

Despite an exhaustive search and multiple tips from the public, Parker was never found.

The only clues in the case are a few pieces of her jewelry that were found in a lake near the Smith home, and surveillance footage of Parker’s car which showed her driving away from the Smith home the day she disappeared. Given the lack of evidence, Parker was likely the victim of foul play.

However, it is also possible that she left voluntarily and is still alive somewhere. Until more information is revealed, the Parker case will remain one of the most mysterious disappearances in Orlando.

The day after Parker and her ex-fiancĂ©, Dale Smith, appeared on a taped episode of “People’s CourtTo the argument over a misplaced engagement ring, they disappeared.

Police in Orlando said they were last seen moving their twin children at Smith’s apartment near Lee Vista Boulevard and Golden Road.

Sheriff’s divers located Parker’s phone under an Orange County bridge in December 2011, and her Hummer was discovered November 18, 2011 in an Orlando parking lot.

Smith is the sole suspect in the case, but he has not been charged.

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rulon was questioned in 2020 regarding Smith’s status as a suspect.

How do Michelle’s mother and sister remember her?

On October 17, 2011, Michelle Parker disappeared after leaving her family’s salon in Orlando, Florida. She was headed to work at a bar in Sanford, but never arrived.

Her car was found abandoned in a parking lot later that day, her purse and phone found inside. There has been no sign of Michelle since then, and her family is still hoping they will find her safely.

Michelle’s mother and sister remember the last time they saw her. She was leaving the family parlor for the day and headed to work at a bar in Sanford.

I’ll pick up the kids and take them to their parents and go home for a nap because I’m tired and have to work tonightYvonne Stewart, Michelle’s mother, told FOX 35 last year.

She made it there and put her hand to the door, and cried, “What am I, chopped liver?remembers her sister Lauren Erickson. “She turns around and says, “You know I love you too!” And it was it. “

Michelle’s loved ones never gave up hope of finding her. They continue to hold annual parades and fundraisers in her honor, urging anyone with information to come forward. “Someone knows somethingErickson says. “It’s been nine years now… someone has to say something. “