Florida Boy Shimarion Pierce Died by Brother Shot Accidentally After Parents’ Gun Was Stealed: – Miami, Florida A very disturbing accident happened again while shaking countless lives where no one could have imagined it, one day their faces will hit such news. Yes, you heard right, an 11-year-old was accidentally shot and killed in his Miami home by a 13-year-old brother with a handgun assigned to his mother’s name. During the games, they stole her gun and used it as a toy but had no idea that it was real with loaded bullets, and as a result a child lost his precious life.

Florida Boy Shimarion Purse was accidentally shot by his brother after he stole his parents' gun

Florida Boy Shimarion Bourse Shot By His Brother

According to exclusive reports or sources, the gun was stolen from the room of her mother, who is a repair officer, and the authorities provided her with a gun for safety. The deceased was identified as She’Marion Burse, who was shot in the chest multiple times but it was an unintended exploitation as the child did not know the outcome.

But as soon as the news came out on social media, countless reactions began to emerge. And few would condemn the officer by saying that she should have taken care of her equipment even though she knew she was carrying bullets.

Reportedly, the accident occurred on the family condominium in the city’s Kendall Lakes area, and at the time of the tragedy, other siblings of the deceased were present there. He became a witness to the crime on the side of the mansion, and there was no adult who could take the gun away from the children until his mother Tiffany was not there. Thus, someone made a call to Tiffany while everything was being moved so she could rush home and take the victim to the hospital where they assumed he was breathing.

On Thursday, November 10, 2023 around 5 pm, a tragedy occurred and the sound of gunfire also alerted neighbors who hurried to check the circumstances, one of whom saw blood on the wall and the child with a gun. They shouted at him so he could drop the gun but unfortunately he held it in his hand. But later, their parents arrived and took him away from the gun while the shooter was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. So stay in touch with us to find out more and follow Social Telecast for more details.