First Responders Adopt Dogs They Rescued from Plane Crash in Wisconsin: ‘Fell Out of the Sky’

The contacted professionals who rescued 53 dogs from a plane crash in Wisconsin last week have invited the dogs home.

Several outlets revealed that a giant twin-engine plane from Louisiana that was shipping dogs to hoods in southeastern Wisconsin encountered harassment, causing the plane to crash on a fairway at West Lakes Golf Club in Pewaukee. ABC News detailed that every human and creature traveler suffered from the accident.

Three fitted individuals sustained non-critical injuries and were taken to a nearby emergency clinic, and part of the canines also had minor injuries such as bumps and scratches, according to specialists. Days after the fact, authorities responding to the event chose to beat the Fangs.

“When I found out that every single one of them was fine, my most memorable thought was that one of them would come home with me.

So here’s my little luck,” Ellie Stitzer, a firefighter and EMT at Lake Nation Fire Salvage, told WISN as she recently carried the dog.

Steitzer caught the dog Friday along with two other co-workers from Lake Nation Fire Salvage. While showing off her new canine friend, Golden Christian, a firefighter and department paramedic, told WISN that her new dog Artemis “didn’t fall from the sky before me, so here it is.”

Vice President Tony Wasilewski shared that his recently cuddled dog Marley bounced in his arms when he appeared on the scene.

Intrigued by the motion, the official went looking for Marley the next day at the Waukesha County Government Aid for Other Sentient Creatures, which had protected 21 of the dogs from the accident, according to ABC News. Addressing WISN, Wasielewski said, “When they let her in, she avoided my significant other, came up to me, sort of jumped into my arms, kissed me. I started growling at Smidgen and said, ‘Oh, euphoria, I think we’ve got dogs. ‘” fangs to sheaths in areas across Wisconsin.

According to ABC News, Elmbrook Sympathetic Culture, which took in 11 of the dogs, said the association has received “many” calls from people on the call asking about the creatures.

“Normally we don’t allow individuals to participate until we have them on our site because we need to allow anyone a fair chance as they really are expected,” said Stephanie Deswart, Elmbrook’s Head of Front End Business Area. “However, since they were clearly a mess, and did a really exceptional job trying to help with the whole crazy circumstance, we gave all the people on call, in a manner of speaking, a hug before they showed up on the site.”

Deswart said three puppies — Charlie Brown, Linus and Sally — were also adopted by others involved in the rescue mission, including a driveway worker and two other people on call. In a press briefing Tuesday, Matthew Harter, co-president of Lake Nation Fire and Salvage, praised the pilot’s handling of the crash, telling reporters, “This was a horrible arrival overall,” according to The Washington Post. According to the power source, the cause of the accident is not yet clear and the case is currently being examined by the state aviation organization and public transportation security upload.