FIFA 23 FUT Moments Explained: How Stories & Chapters Work, How to Get Rewards


Get the details about the upcoming FUT Moments in FIFA 23.

There is no doubt that FIFA Ultimate Team is a huge part of the FIFA experience, and extremely popular among a select segment of the fanbase. This year, FIFA 23 is bringing new ways to enjoy the game as a solo experience, and that comes in the form of FUT Moments. for the curious FUT Moments and How It All WorksThis guide is for you.

Explanation of FUT moments

FUT Moments is the new single-player experience that will be part of FUT, where players can play and earn rewards without facing anyone else. This means fun, miniature scenarios with a variety of challenges that reward FUT Stars new currency, which can be exchanged for items and packs in the Moments Star Gallery.

Stories and Chapters in FUT Moments

FUT Moment Stories

Image Source : EA Games via Twinfinit

To get started, you’ll need to choose a story that catches your eye. Each story will be based on seasonal themes, FUT campaigns, or real events from football’s past or present, such as the Rise of Mbappe story. Some stories will be time-limited, while others will be available during FUT 23.

Each story is made up of chapters, themed sets of plays that contain moments themselves, and a story will always have at least one chapter open. Others can be locked, requiring players to collect a specific amount of FUT Stars from unlocked chapters in that story in order to unlock it in order to play.


Moments are individual scenarios in which players have to meet certain conditions, including completing one to three different challenges to earn you FUT stars. They will all have a starting point in the game, such as a free kick, throw-in, or in the middle of an attacking or defending scenario, that will define how you begin the challenge attempt.

FUT Moments Challenges
Image Source : EA Games via Twinfinit

The main essence of the moments is as follows:

  • Moments have at least one reward level, some up to a maximum of three, which will offer one to three FUT stars, respectively.
  • You can start with the lowest reward level and work your way up, earning one FUT Star for each reward level you complete. Be the first to go to the highest rewards level to try to earn all the unearned FUT Stars for that moment at once.
  • As you increase/decrease the reward level, the individual reward levels can change with elements such as squad requirements, time taken to complete, or CPU AI difficulty.
  • You have to complete all the challenges within the given time or you have to try again.
  • You can replay the unlocked moment at any time, however, you can earn the associated FUT Stars only once from any reward level.
  • Completing all the moments in a chapter and all the rewards levels will earn you bonus FUT stars.

Each FUT moment can be restarted at any time without penalty.

FUT Stars

Essentially, FUT Stars are the currency a player will earn by completing various moments in Stories. FUT stars do not expire and you will be able to use them all season in FUT 23. You can then visit the FUT Star Gallery to exchange your FUT stars for prizes.

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