Excitement as actor Frederick Leonard and actress Peggy Ovire reveal their wedding plans

Nollywood artist Frederick Leonard is set to marry his partner Peggy Ophir.

The Nollywood couple revealed the exciting news in a specific interview with Linda Ikeji. The couple wants to get married in November.


According to LIB, the couple will have their usual wedding ceremony on the 19th of November.

The wedding will take place in Warri, Delta State.

Frederick Leonard revealed his first love after much controversy about his sexuality.

He announced to the world on his vetted Instagram page that he would be using the remainder of his existence with his partner artist Peggy Ovire.

Engraving a portrait of the priest, “Let me have a contract.. to love and be appreciated..”

My love for you has remained constant as the years have progressed, in all kinds of challenges. Baby, look how far we’ve come. Today is your birthday, and the whole world praises you…whatever our affection is…I will celebrate constantly. Happy birthday, @peggyofire. Valentine’s Day baby… I love you

In response to this, Nollywood artists who were at that moment aware of the relationship favored Frederick Leonard for focusing on his relationship with Peggy Ophir in the notes area.