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Can’t get enough of Lost in cast space? Would you like to see them a little more, well, predictors? So, here is a summary of the largest star locations-LiS And where can you see next.

It is based on a ridiculous early 1960s strip Space Robinson FamilyLost in Space first climbed into our television defenses in 1965, charting the adventures of a family of astronauts whose spaceship goes dangerously off course.

Since its conclusion in 1968, the original series has spawned spin-off novels, an animated pilot, and a big-budget movie remake (although less said than done). Matt LeBlancMonster tournament, the better.

Now, 50 at last, Netflix is ​​planning a new live-action — its first attempt since a John Woo-directed pilot failed to catch the light for The World Bank in 2003.

Then everything we know about the new Lost in space – From all new team to classic theme tone status.

Lost in satellite TV series So what goes through?

It was announced in October 2014 that Legendary Television (The Breadth, Colony) would be developing a new reboot of Lost in Space, with a scriptwriting stent Matt Sazama and Burke Sharpless – Known b The last witch hunter and the gods of Egypt – They were hired to write the script for the new series.

Just over as recently as November 2015, the design was sold with bags of Plutocracy, a Netflix vending machine, with Neil Marshall(Descent) Directs the pilot on the occasion and acts as administrative sponsor.

Lost in Space cast

In June the following time, Netflix Green light full season, with the underworld Cindy Holland’s boss tells Deadlinee” The original series masterfully captured the drama and comedy, making it truly charming to a wide audience.

“It’s more than that modern Take the ’60s version, though, and it’s cool, but it looks so innocent, if you look at it now. While this is an interpretation of our time. I hope there’s still a sense of humor and humanity in it, but it’s clearly made for an ultra-modern following.”

Lost in Space Cast Who Will Appear in the Netflix Series?

Then who will pilot the Jupiter 2 spaceship in the revived series

  • Toby Stephens (Black Sails) as John Robinson, the traffic master.
  • Molly Parker(House of Cards) as Maureen Robinson, a bold and brilliant aviation mastermind who makes the decision to bring her family into space, for a chance at a new life in a better world.
  • Ignacio Siriccio As Don West, a thug who smuggles luxury goods on the side discovers the Robinson family he is now allowed to find.
  • Taylor Russell As Jodi Robinson, eldest son of John and Maureen.
  • Mina Sundwall As Benny Robinson, one of the Robinson children.
  • Maxwell Jenkins As Will Robinson, Young Child Robinson.
  • Parker Posey Like Dr. Smith

Jaffrey dynasty(Spooks, Homeland) would also recur as Victor – according to Limit“a man well-groomed, educated, and proud with a sense of annuity.”

Lost in Space cast

Lost in space, wasn’t Dr. Smith a man?

Yes – in the original series, Dr. Zachary Smith Played by the late Jonathan Harris. The nemesis agent, Smith sabotages the Jupiter 2, causing the boat to arrive—you guessed it—lost in space. But he ends up stranded on the boat, and gets a discreet passenger.

Across the original show’s three-season run, smith The character transformed from an outspoken villain into a (often reckless) precious schemer.

The part will be reimagined as feminine for the new lost in space, With Parker Posey’s Golden Globes november 2016 stylist selection.

Could the original missing actor have reappeared in space?

With the exception of Harris and Guy Williams, who played the original John Robinson, the rest of the original Lost in Space cast – John Lockhart (Maureen Robinson), Mark Goddard (Don West), Martha Christine (Jodi Robinson), Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson), and Billy Mumy (Will Robinson) – is still with us.

This means that there is an implication of some known gem appearances in the new series (however, there is no credible evidence on that front yet).

Lost in Space Release Date When will it be on Netflix?

The product in the series started in January 2017 in Vancouver It concluded in June.

After about a little bit of post-production time – the sci-fi scene isn’t cheap or easy – Lost in space It was first listed in May 2018 on Netflix.

But the first series is teaser- Released in FebruaryHe revealed that the series will actually drop a little earlier, on April 11, 2018.

Lost in Space cast

Lost Accidents in Space How many do we get?

The first season will measure 10 times, each lasting an hour (more or less, with Netflix being flexible on running times).

Then is the approved abstractSet 30 times in the future, colonization in space is now a reality, and the Robinson family are among those tested and named to carve out a new life for themselves in a better world.

But when the New Pioneers suddenly find themselves torn apart on their way to their new home, they must forge new alliances and work together to survive a dangerous alien Terrain, light times from their original destination.

Stranded alongside the Robinson family are two outlaws who find themselves overwhelmed by circumstances and a collective knack for deception.

Disturbing gravity Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) He is a master manipulator with an ambiguous endgame. A joke, but unintentionally brilliant Don West (Ignacio Siriccio) He’s a pretty well-known, blue-collar contractor who had no intention of joining the colony, let alone crashing a dock on the lost land. “

Will the lost alien robot return?

The droid was one of the most memorable aspects of the original Lost in Space – A “Class M-3, Model B9, Non-System Environmental Robot for Utility” Designed by Robert Kinoshita, who also designed the iconic Robby the Robot of 1956’s Forbidden Earth (which is still often confused with the unknown Lost In Space robot).

Carrying a supernatural extension and futuristic artillery, the robot is shown frequently” deadlyCharacteristics – She was supposed to be suitable for witnessing joy and sadness, and she could actually sing and play music.

Lost in Space cast

She will appear in the new series in a modified form, as showrunner Zack Estrin posted a snapshot to Instagram in November 2016 from the workrooms of the production house Sbacterial movement Presentation work is underway on a new design.


Depending on your age, you will also know the original classic style Lost in space theme From Oscar-winning musician John Williams or the Apollo 440 remix from the 1998 movie.

It looks like the new series will keep the original theme – the buzz on the internet owns up to it williams It works on a new interpretation, but there is no reliable evidence for it from Cool or Netflix.

However, the first trailer of the series contains an iota of the theme, along with the show’s infamous catchphrase, ” Jeopardy, Will Robinson!“.

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