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This october tv just got wilder and more pared down with the premiere of Daybreak On Netflix however, this show is also for you, if you like fun arrogance Ferris Bueller’s Day Off An absolute frantic burn the above. But who exactly is on the Daybreak team?

Makes sense Daybreak It would delightfully blend the decadent and the darkly absurd. Comedy drama comes from san andreas And the Frenzy director Brad Peyton and Icons Shepherd and UltimateX-Men penned by Aaron Eli Collett.

set inpost-apocalypse Glendale, California, the series follows the misfortunes of former high school student Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford). Josh’s life has revolved around avoiding bullying and stalking his crush, Sam (Sophie Simnett).

Now those same gamers are sociopathic creatures with trademarks and Toxic Lost in a world where zombies rule – just like humans. Together with two of his friends and a 10-year-old girl he used to babysit, Josh tries to set his life right.

It’s all frantic nonsense. But between the gorgeous set design and Josh’s near-constant fourth-wall breaking, the entire series is an entertaining game full of madness. But if this first season left you wondering how you know so many survivors, don’t worry. We have your opposite.

who plays ms. Crumble, Mavis and Ellie To where you’ve seen Mona Lisa star Janet Goodlock in the lead, consider this your Daybreak companion. Start browsing to see who it is, but go back to looking for it ghoulies.

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1. Meet the cast of the new Teen Catastrophe Show on Netflix.

The new teen show on Netflix has a huge cast full of both new and familiar faces. From young novice to Hollywood legend Matthew Broderick The same, then, is a breakdown of who plays each character and what you might have seen in the future.

  1. Colin Ford plays Josh Wheeler

Josh, played by CotoIn, he’s 17 and was basically unremarkable before the lemon exploded. After the apocalypse, Josh lives it up and searches for his missing gal, Sam. You’ll know Colin from his spots on Captain Marvel (as Steve Danvers) and CBS’ Under the Dome where he played Joe McAllister.

  1. Sophie Simnett plays Samira “Sam” Dean

British actress Sophie plays Sam, the most popular girl in the world Glendale. Before the attack, she helped Josh come out of his shell and helped the higher-ups understand his scientists. But since the attack, it has fizzled out. Sophie initially appeared on Disney Channel’s The Lodge and a recent event for Disney Channel Poldark.

  1. Matthew Broderick stars as Burr

Bor is Glendale The loud calm, collected superstar who desperately wants to fit in with his celebs. He often appears in flashbacks as the teens explain what life was like before the disaster.

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The legend of screen and stage Matthew He appeared in almost everything I watched, and most in particular Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Producers and Deck The Halls. He was also the voice of adult Simba in Disney’s The Lion King, in case you didn’t know that before.

  1. Janet Goodlock plays Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is Turbo’s fierce and stoic schoolgirl who seeks blood (with a deadly lacrosse stick). Freshman Janet appeared at the beginning The Simone Biles story Olympic weightlifting legend Simone Biles.

  1. Cody Kearsley plays Turbo Pro Jock

Cody, who you will constantly honor Moose From RiverdaleHe plays a famous former quarterback who becomes the feared and murderous boss of The Jocks. Post apocalypse, turbo He wears a mask to cover his scars from the explosion and speaks only grunts.

  1. Austin Cards plays Wesley’s fist

Wesley, played by AustinHe was a star athlete, hanging out with the jocks at the high school. After the apocalypse, he takes a runner from his favorite kung fu images and becomes a mirror samurai warrior.

However, you will be constantly honored Austin as Alan, the gorgeous dramatic actor and beguiling queen, if you’ve watched Booksmart. was also in Netflix updates before this time.

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  1. Alivia Alyn Lind plays Angelica Green

angelicaHe is the youth of the group, an unstable genius with malleable morals and a honey project. 12- Age Alivia She appeared on several TV shows prior to Daybreak including Transparent, Masters of coitus, and The Young and Restless.

  1. Krista Rodriguez plays the charming Mrs. Crumble

Krista plays Mrs. Deteriorate who, after the bomb, becomes the witch. She’s one of the many adults who survived the blast, but it affected her brain at all, and now she’s talking to an army of doll heads. Krysta initially had spots on ABC’s Quantico and cult TV show Smash.

  1. Gregory Kasyan plays Ellie Kardashian

Gregory plays the foam Eli, which makes up for the lack of many physical influences before Lemon by taking over the Glendale Mall. While Dawn is Gregory’s property The first major TV segment, it also appeared in repeats the middle And the Hawaii 5 – 0.

  1. Joe Manganiello plays Carl, Butter Turbo

Joe plays the role of Abu Turbo, Carl Bukowski. Obviously, you’ll know Joe from True Blood, One Tree Hill, Magic Mike, and Magic Mike XXL.

  1. Jade Payton plays Demi

Jade plays Demi, the fierce leader of the… Chermazon. Jade initially played Jordan Gladwell in iZombie.

  1. Chelsea Chang plays KJ

Chelsea plays KJ, a schoolboy who becomes knights with him Josh at Elle’s Walk. The other children assume she only speaks Chinese but she finally reveals that she is American and speaks English. Chelsea made tentative appearances in Andy Mack as Brittany and in D.C.’s Elephants as Rose Wilson Ravager.

Senior academy can be a tough time in any young person’s life. The last thing they need is a disaster that complicates the effects.

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Well, that’s exactly what it would be for scientists Glendale High School is Netflix’s new action-comedy-drama (ApActComDram if you will), Daybreak. Deadline was the first to report that Netflix has ordered Daybreak, a live-action series based on the ridiculous movie of the same name from Brian Ralph, and will tell the story of Sunrise Academy outcast Josh searching for his lost gal amidst an apocalyptic world.

He will have to navigate through colorful alliances of gentry at the frantic upper academy of Max-ified and zombie-like savages known as ” beast. “


The Daybreak team is led by a popular teen Matthew Broderick ( Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as Glendale High School star Michael Burr.

Krista Rodriguez plays a biology teacher. The rest of the cast consists of survivors from Glendale High School who are not post-apocalyptic survivors. Colin Ford (Supernatural) plays the protagonist, 17-year-old Joseph Wheeler. Sophie Simnett plays Sam Dean, the most widely admired girl in… Glendale High.

Austin Cards plays samurai fists and entertains peace. Alivia Alyn Lind will portray the genius Angelica Green. Cody Kearsley is Turbo Bro Jock, the leader of the immortal jock players with Janet Goodlock Like Mona Lisa, his right hand. Gregory Cassian plays Eli Kardashyan (not to be confused with Kardashian, Netflix notes).

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