The memories of the dissidents killed at the entrance to the Lekki cost on October 20, 2020, will live on in the hearts of Nigerians, especially the families whose friends and families have become ‘legends’.

October 20 will be associated with many things, but the images of raising a Nigerian flag high despite everything being killed will be passed on to the people in the future.

Silent defectors swarmed in droves to commemorate the second anniversary of our “legends” who gave their lives in pursuit of better management and an end to the ferocity of the police. Various celebrities turned to online entertainment to learn about the episode, including rapper Walz, humorist and artist Mr. Macaroni, who were seen at Lekki’s cost door.

Unwritten TV star Teja Dominic hinted at the entrance to Lekki’s cost as a cemetery. She accepts that everyone who has submitted a request to shoot quiet opponents in 2020 has no legitimacy to do so. She also expressed that the Nigerian police force had little explanation for dispersing protesters during a quiet walk to remember EndSARS combat losses.

“Giving Walz a brief glimpse, the individuals were quiet, singing solid melodies, and all they did was drop the final resting place from the cost entrance,” she wrote. That area, as I see it, is a cemetery. It was a quiet walk for our brothers and sisters who perished at the door of a similar cost as an order to shoot was filed.

“How do you apply to individuals who do not erase anything?” Are you wandering alone in that frame of mind to take snapshots of? We’re actually getting clarification on some pressing issues, you’re actually showing similar themes. Defeated, are Nigerian teens so strong that we keep you conscious in the evening time? Complete disgrace.

“A show of strength, yet the nation overflowed.” Strong offer, but no decent medical care framework. Show strength, however a lot of weakness in the country. You should be embarrassed of yourselves.