Emily Sotelo Missing Hiker Found Dead In New Hampshire Mountains

A missing 20-year-old climber from New Hampshire has been found dead on a mountain more than three days after she went missing. An extensive search and rescue operation was conducted in sub-zero temperatures, at the end of which her body was found.

On Sunday, a Massachusetts woman named Emily Sotelo disappeared after hiking a well-travelled trail that passes Mount Lafayette, Hastack, and Flume.

The New York Post reported that temperatures dropped to zero and winds reached 30 to 40 mph earlier in the week.

On Monday, the New Hampshire Division of Fish and Game Law Enforcement launched an investigation to find Sotelo after receiving a missing person report from her family. Near Lafayette Brook, authorities found Sotelo’s footprints and some of his belongings.

On Wednesday, Sotelo’s body was discovered on the northwest side of Mount Lafayette at 11:15 a.m. A New Hampshire National Guard plane took the body to the Cannon Mountain ski area.

The circumstances surrounding her sudden demise remain a mystery.

Who is Emily Sotelo?

The Nashville school newspaper, The Vanderbilt Hustler, reported that Sotelo was a sophomore there. She studied both biochemistry and chemical biology at the undergraduate level.

According to reports, she spent Thanksgiving vacation in New Hampshire with her mom.

Vice Chancellor G.L. Black expressed his condolences on Sotelo’s death by noting how she was involved in college life after transferring from William & Mary this academic year.

The search was conducted with assistance from the Pemiguasset Valley Region, the Androscoggin Region Red Sea Region, the Mountain Rescue Service, and the Lakes Special Administrative Region.

The New England K-9 and Upper Valley wilderness response team also provided assistance. Fish and game conservation officers were assisted in their search by the New Hampshire Army National Guard, the Civil Air Patrol, and the White Mountains National Forest.

AT&T First Net and New Hampshire Homeland Security & Emergency Management also contributed to the search effort.

Emily Sotelo cause of death

There’s no official word on why Sotelo was killed, but Captain Michael Eastman of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division speculated that items played a role.

It has not been decided whether or not an autopsy will be performed. Sotelo’s last known piece of clothing was a brown blazer and black workout pants.

The 20-year-old from Westford, Massachusetts, apparently wanted to hike all of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks before her birthday this week, reports Col. Kevin Jordan, chief of law enforcement for the department.

A seasoned warm-weather hiker, she was an asset to any group. Her mother, Oliveira Sotelo, told the media that her daughter does not like mountaineering during the winter and still “four or fiveMountains to climb.

According to Fish and Game Officer David Walsh, Sotelo’s death will warn all hikers of the dangers associated with the winter hike.

He warned people of the dangers involved in hiking as an unprepared traveler in the White Mountains, a mountain range notoriously dangerous in winter.

The official emphasized the importance of being well informed. “Be aware of the current weather. Adhere to the weather and dress appropriately. Take precautions by stocking up on extra supplies such as food, water, and clothing.

Also, make sure you have a compass and a headlight map. Sotelo’s parents said their daughter intended to explore the area’s trails on foot. But she did not think of the cold temperatures that would soon follow her departure.