Ellen DeGeneres To Host Show On YouTube After Controversial Exit

Ellen DeGeneres is many things, she is a host, producer, writer, director, runs her own record company etc. She appeared as a lesbian in The Oprah Winfrey Showwhich was controversial but is one of the highest rated episodes on the show.

what happened?

In 2003, I started The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which earned her over 33 Emmy Award nominations, endless other accolades and worldwide fame. But in 2020, many of its employees have come forward claiming there is a “toxic work environment”. They also claimed that DeGeneres was rude and distant in person, which is the opposite of the image she created for herself.

The staff also alleged that they were subjected to intimidation, fear and racism. An internal investigation was launched, more than three executives left the show, and DeGeneres ended up apologizing on multiple occasions, but the damage was done.

Grayson’s chance to tell his story

Greyson Chance popularized as a sixth grader for his performance of the popular Lady Gaga song paparazzi. Ellen DeGeneres got it on the show and signed it for her label. I came up with an opportunity last month to reveal how his life and timeline would change with ‘Text One’.

He claimed she had become “too bossy and controlling”. Echoing other people’s allegations, he said it was just “insulting people. Chance also remembered how she would “come and look at the shelf, yell at the designers, scold people in front of me and say, ‘That’s what you wear on the show.'”

He also went on to mention how the studio in which the show was filmed became a place of shock for him. Child, who became a singer, also criticized DeGeneres for talking about his sexuality on the show.

He said “[When I came out,] I haven’t spoken to her in years… It was so turbulent, that you’re showing the world now as if we were really tight. We are very good. The show ended after 19 seasons and over 3,000 episodes.

He also said he was “grateful” to her and for everything that happened despite the backlash against her.

new youtube project

It’s been five months since her two-decade show ended and Ellen DeGeneres is back. A YouTube show called More time to yourself… with Ellen DeGeneres.

The show is described as, “In this new series shot in her home, Eileen shares her own attempts to try new things and bring a little time into Eileen’s own way.”

In the teaser for the show, DeGeneres appears and says “I just took some time for myself, away from the cameras and had such a great time, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been doing with you.”

This may be a PR attempt to make Ellen DeGeneres lovable again, especially after so many people have come forward to share their versions of how “manipulative” she is. Whether it works for her or not is yet to be seen. The YouTube show will include 8 episodes in which you will learn new hobbies such as bird watching, knitting, card making, etc.