Elif Teasers: 24 – 28 October 2023

Here are the highlights of the upcoming 24-28 October 2023 episodes of the new telenovela series, domestic.

Elif is broadcast on eExtra Monday through Friday at 18:35.

Monday 24 October 2023

Yusuf helps the women of Amiroglu to get out. Saleem is having an interesting day as a taxi driver. Insei gets into trouble, but her plan backfires. Arzu has an offer for Feraye.

Tuesday 25 October 2023

Arzu discovers some interesting facts about Jewels and his workshop. Frey convinces Jewels that his company is at a loss. Murat tries to fix things with Ayla.

Wednesday 26 October 2023

Murat still has to pay off his debts and also finds out something about Ayla’s family. Faree asks Jawaher to get a business partner. Umit is not happy that Arzu was not honest with him.

Thursday 27 October 2023

Jewels is begging a king to return to work, but is she? Omit advances when the medial is diseased. Murat almost got arrested Irkut’s office.

Friday 28 October 2023

Malik is still struggling to find work while Youssef El Ensi is taken to hospital. Arzu kicks Asuman out of the house.