In fact, prominent artist DJ Sose remembered arranging his encounters in the Nigerian re-routing scene at another gathering.

In an interview with The Country, the performer lost sight of the myths about his face tattoos and was very inspired by this.

DJ Sose has spoken out that the brands or associations that accept that he should get rid of his face tattoo were at no point enthusiastic about it anyway when asked what they would accept accordingly.

He said; “I have autographed my face starting around 2007, so any brands or associations that accept that I should damage my tattoos indicate that they are not enthusiastic about me.

They basically have to use me. It’s the same way I don’t accept any standard sign, I’m free.

Full name: Thomas Amar Egby
date of Birth: June 5, 1981
place of birth: Benin City
country of origin: Edo State
nationality: Hungarian Nigerian
works: DJ
net value: $500,000
Wife / Husband: Olamide Ammar Egby

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Because for now, I’ve developed my image to where the record label can’t say, “Keep it up, you should be under us.”

No, it will be an association and will not operate under your management. My picture is ready enough to stay isolated, if it doesn’t fit then I won’t be here.”

When asked if people get scared when they see him by sniffing his face, he said as needed; “Sure, people fear anything they can’t really understand.

Those who are afraid do it this way considering the way something is new and their brains cannot manage, while for others it is an example of caring. So it boils down to the individual.

I have undoubtedly gone to where the old and the young were so reluctant that they turned away from me. However, it’s okay, you don’t have to worry. It’s their view and they are equipped for that.”

DJ Sose said about what you eat; “It’s African motifs, Afro-Metropolitan fashion and tattoos.

Everything indicates the consistency of my early stages, which is that I am half Nigerian and half Hungarian.

Furthermore, I was looking for something one could use to remember me. It’s a circumstance where everyone needs something that makes them stand apart from the gathering.

“When I first started, I had a relative mixing style with another DJ who at the time was pretty prevalent in the business, so people were constantly working with him.

Wherever I went, people mistakenly believed me, so I expected to discover something that would make me stand apart from the gathering.”