#DisComplicated Teasers: 24 – 28 October 2023

Here are the teasers for the October 24-28, 2023 episodes of the Turkish telenovela series, #DisComplicated.

#DisComplicated airs on eXtra Monday through Friday at 19:30.

Monday 24 October 2023

Engin confronts Serkan about Eda, forcing him to reconsider their relationship. Ida and Celine try on wedding dresses together. Milo throws a bomb at Iver, leaving her reeling.

Tuesday 25 October 2023

Selene finds out how far Ferrett will go to protect her. Aidan’s plan to make Alptekin jealous fail and Serkan struggles to understand why Eda is so fascinated by him.

Wednesday 26 October 2023

Serkan is faced with a choice between Eda and Selin. Will he finally admit his feelings for Ida?

Thursday 27 October 2023

Eda and Serkan are spending the last day of their contract together, so will Serkan make a final decision? Ida receives some exciting news. Aidan stumbles into hidden secrets.

Friday 28 October 2023

Serkan is not feeling well and there are many opinions about why. Ida comes to comfort him while Celine waits for an answer. Ferit reveals a big secret to Alptekin.