Different Burgundy Hair Styles and Color Ideas to Try

When it comes to updos, burgundy hair and burgundy wigs are excellent options. The deep, vibrant color can add richness and dimension to any style, and looks great on everyone!

Burgundy is a lighter shade of maroon, blending bronze and red with a dash of purple. They are low maintenance, easy to apply, and can drastically change the look of your hair, including its volume.

The color Burgundy is named after the drink’s distinctive crimson color. In this post, we are going to look at some of the best ways to style burgundy hair.

Burgundy hairstyle ideas

1. Long beach waves

This hairstyle is very easy to perform. Adding color and depth to your hair, the subtle contrast of dark red and burgundy red finishes looks gorgeous, perfect for people looking for low-maintenance burgundy accents.

2. Short stacked bob

This hairstyle adds a nice pop of color and emphasizes the contrast between the black bottom half of your hair and the burgundy top. Overall, this hairdo is an excellent way to add a bolder touch to the usual burgundy accents.

3. A fluffy and messy bob

This hairstyle may add a lot of volume for people with thin hair. Don’t forget that red highlights add a colorful touch to the side-swept bob. Overall, this is another low-maintenance burgundy hairstyle.

4. Colorful curls

If you have naturally curly hair, you don’t need to lighten your black hair anymore to make a huge difference. Instead, use a semi-permanent dye with 10 volumes of peroxide to get a burgundy shade.

5. Braids

Some of you might be shocked to know that burgundy also looks beautiful on braids. In fact, this adds the extra touch as the burgundy color brings out the texture of the braid with the tone.

Different shades of burgundy

1. Chunky highlights

Large sections of hair a shade lighter than your original color are used for intense highlights. Instead of blended highlights, which are more subtle, they create a sharp contrast with the other parts of your hair. A wig with highlights is a good way to change a person’s hair color.

With the highlights back in, it feels like the ’90s are back. The color is flattering on all hair lengths, but especially so on younger women. Adults are not forbidden to have it, but they must have a suitable hairstyle for work.

2. Cherry Cola

The cola cherry color has the advantage of being darker and requires fewer touches than the glowing reds. However, the cherry cola color is not commonly used, so you may stand out from the crowd.

One of the main benefits of cherry cola dye is that it looks great when mixed with traditional natural colors like black and dark brown. In the meantime, you can add more flair to your hair by adding ombre or highlights.

3. Burgundy red

If you want to look stunning at your next event, then burgundy red is the way to go. This color is suitable for every season and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Since this burgundy color is a mixture of red and purple, it offers a lot of depth and personality. It can look good on any skin tone and will add some richness to your look.

If you want to add extra depth, try an ombre look. Red Burgundy ombre has grown in popularity lately and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

4. Dark brown burgundy

Don’t like bright burgundy? Choose a dark mahogany brown with a subtle splash of aged rose-pink.

If you have light to medium skin tone, we recommend trying this color to enhance your complexion. This color adds a nice contrast to your face, making it stand out more.

This color is perfect for girls with dark roots. He may wear the color straight or wavy, and for more flair, add some base highlights around the face.

5. Burgundy wine

Burgundy wine is a Burgundy tint that has grown in favor in recent years. This color is also perfect for everyone.

Named for its resemblance to wine, the color is reddish-purple and shiny. When in doubt, opt for this hue, which elevates even the simplest one-length haircut.

What’s the best part? You don’t even need highlights to make your hair look full and gorgeous!

6. Burgundy ash

If you’d like a more intense version of the burgundy, add an ash violet wash to your hair color. This gives a nice hazy tone that works well on both light and medium skin tones.

Alternatively, they may be more subtle and softened than the burgundy-purple to serve as a spot on the surrounding ash. You can opt for this shade if you want something that is relatively easy to work with because the color will fade gracefully without the need for an immediate facelift.

7. Plum

Burgundy plum is undoubtedly one of the most popular and long-lasting burgundy hair dye colors for brown hair. This hair color is an amazing combination of black and burgundy that looks amazing on everyone.

final thought

Burgundy is the color to choose if you want to wear red but don’t want to draw too much attention. The unique chic color is great for people who want to try something new without fear of provoking unwanted reactions.

If you change your hair color, you can expect to make some changes to your hair care routine. However, some shades of purple and red, such as burgundy, may require regular maintenance.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, as this can cause your hair to fade burgundy. Additionally, avoid over-shampooing your hair as this can also cause discoloration.

If you still want burgundy hair but don’t want to maintain it, try a burgundy wig. It allows you to experiment with different looks without having to maintain colored hair. Moreover, you have a wide range of alternatives to match any burgundy hair color or style that you prefer.