Die Put Teasers: 24 – 28 October 2023

Below are the trailers for the upcoming October 24-28, 2023 episodes of the Afrikaans dubbed Turkish series, Die Put.

Die Put broadcasts on eXtra Monday through Friday at 21:30.

Monday 24 October 2023

Emmy confronts Idris for his indifference towards the people of the pit. Substances trying to create a diversion. Mahsun and Ceto promise to support the young boys.

Tuesday 25 October 2023

Sultan tries to convince Selim to go see his family. Yamak is angry with Vartolo and seeks relief from Sena.

Wednesday 26 October 2023

Selim finally confronts Karaja. Seto and Mahson are desperate to find out who the snitch is. It might be Vissel jumping ship.

Thursday 27 October 2023

Kumali finds it difficult to accept Saleem’s return to the family. Seto does his best to provoke the wrath of the troops, convincing them that Ersoy sacrificed himself for Karakuzular.

Friday 28 October 2023

Mahsoun tells Sina about his history. Sultan asks Selim not to stop trying to regain his brothers’ trust. Seto and his team meet the Bulgarians but things go wrong.