Davido is shutting down Banana Island for his son Ifeanyi Adeleke

Afrobeats singer Davido shuts down Banana Island for his baby, Ifeanyi Adeleke’s birthday. Kimmy Villani news reported before that the singer revealed that a massive birthday celebration was about to take place on his child’s birthday, as he turned three years old.

The happy father of four who flaunts and praises his young children proudly took to his Instagram story to reveal that a massive birthday celebration will come down to pay tribute to his child’s most memorable birthday.


He said, “BIF IFY BDAY PARTY TODAY!!! PAUL. Assuming you got the zone!! We go from the deep end!!

In another update of hers, photos and recordings of the occasion have made their way onto the web.

The singer and his sweetheart, Chioma Rowland, threw a fancy birthday party for their child, which was held at his grandfather’s house.

There were lots of fun exercises and games for the kids to play with. From bobbing mansion to swimming pool, play house, rides on vehicles and packages and more.

The singer is undoubtedly spending an enormous fortune on his child’s birthday.

Kimmy Villani news reported that Davido has taken to Instagram to pay tribute to his child’s third birthday uncommonly.

The happy father imparting key strengths to his unforgettable child, shared photos of Evni looking cute, lively and covered in heaps of powerful petitions on him. He pleaded with God to bestow upon his child great prosperity, joy and pure importance that excel in his performance.

He said, “I ask with all my being that God grant you astonishing well-being and pure joy no matter how long a human imaginable. You will evolve to be more remarkable than me, happy birthday, baby David Ifene Adji Adeleke Jr.”

And accompanied him with a strong prayer for him.

“A joyful birthday to my first love. The mummy loves you so much, God favors you in general for me. God has devoted so much to us and I am so appreciative of being called your mother. May you be more noteworthy than your family in Jesus name, so be it. I love you twins!”.