David Dobrik Insider Article Reddit Taking The Internet By Storm

Insider David Dobrik’s article on Reddit has taken the internet by storm.

Dobrik and his team of young content creators have been accused of sexual assault and bullying by his former friends and colleagues over the past year.

After a second YouTuber from 2018 came forward and said she was drugged and assaulted while the group was filming a video, David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad, a group of his close friends, have come under scrutiny.

The Business Insider article uses pseudonyms to refer to accuser Hannah and her friends. No complaint has been filed yet, and the accuser claimed that she has not yet contacted the police.

Vlog Squad members Dobrik, Zeglaitis, and others did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on the allegations.

After this occurrence, on March 20, 2021, David Dobrik’s YouTube channel lost over 66 million views in one day.

After that, he posted two apology videos.

After learning of the accusations against David Dobrik, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and head of venture capital firm Seven Seven Six decided to cut ties with him on March 22, 2021.

A former fan provided a video showing Dom Ziglaitis, a founding member of the Vlog Squad, flanking her while filming David Dobrik in an internal report dated November 3, 2021.

A woman claimed that after Dobrik posted on Snapchat that he was looking for women 18 and older to be extras in a video about Zeglaitis that required *sexual intervention, and therefore, she and her friends went to Zeglaitis’ place.

On May 18, she visited the apartment for the second time, and Dobrik took her along with some other fans.

She and Zaglitis exchanged words until he tried to attack her, as evidenced by the video he posted on May 19.

Although the vlog was stopped before he could connect, Insider has a video of him grabbing her in the corner of the hallway and making love to her.

Zgletice was pulled from her by Dobrik, who yelled again and again, “Stop, stop, stop.”

she added, You could tell by my face that I was trying to push him away when he started hitting me. This is exaggerated. I hope to avoid conflict. I must see David before me. The report from Insider did not receive any immediate response from Dobrik officials.

Who is David Dobrik?

Creator David Dobrik is at the height of his career after amassing 18.8 million YouTube subscribers and revealing his new $9.5 million mansion.

Dobrik has been a part of the site since 2015, and his charisma and sarcastic demeanor have catapulted him to YouTube stardom.

The 24-year-old social media mogul is known for his once-a-week 4-minute, 20-second vlogs in which he and his friends, known as the Vlog Squad, race around Los Angeles playing practical jokes on people.

Dobrik won a Kids’ Choice Award, appeared on TikToks with Charli D’Amelio, and soon exuded boy-next-door abundance while keeping the peace among his turbulent group of friends.

He quickly switched to podcasting amid the 2020 pandemic despite his YouTube stardom.