Danny Malin starts a new relationship after 22 months of Carrie Taylor’s death

Rate My Takeaway on YouTube YouTube star Danny Malin announced on Facebook by posting a picture with a girl he says he’s in a relationship with now. Let’s see in detail who the girl is in the relationship of Danny Malin with her deceased wife.

Danny Malin’s new relationship

YouTube star Danny Malin announced, today, on Facebook, that he is in a relationship with a girl named “Sophie”. He also posted a picture with her, saying that since his ex-wife Carrie passed away 22 months ago, he has always been looking for the best for his family.

He says he thought he would live out his days as a single father.

“As many of you know, Carrie passed away nearly 22 months ago, which separated me and the world of children.”

When did they both meet?

Danny Malin met Sophie about 8 weeks ago, and they both met often for coffee and finally started enjoying each other.

He is happy that now he is in a relationship with a girl who makes him happy and loves life. He also thanked his friend Sophie for her support and understanding of his family’s condition by tagging her in a Facebook comment.

The statement ended with the following statement:
“I look forward to seeing the future held by fun love and x’s brilliance.”

Who is Sophie?

Sophie Mee Lan is a multi-award winning journalist, presenter, Bellydancer, filmmaker, and newbie/vegetarian for life.

She creates blogs and vlogs about weird and wonderful lives and minds. She runs a social enterprise along with writing, media work, mental health appointments, diversified family, wellbeing activities, and crazy life.

Danny Malin’s girlfriend Sophie

She also talks about social affairs issues close to her heart, such as mental health, eating disorders, well-being, women, health, LGBT+ issues, and projects.

She currently works as a digital journalist for the Yorkshire Post.

Sophie’s Tweets

Recently, the couple created vlogs together and posted them to the Yorkshire Post, where Sophie works as a digital journalist. Sophie tweeted the video on her Twitter account.

Who is Danny Malin?

Barnsley is where Malin was born. He previously worked in a butcher’s shop in Kirket Market and currently resides in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

In February 2021, his longtime partner Carrie Taylor died suddenly after a heart attack. Besides the two children he had together, Carrie also had a son from a previous relationship.
Malin joined Brody’s Burgers in Pudsey in 2023 as a silent business partner.

His youtube channel

Danny Malin is a well-known YouTuber from the United Kingdom. He is the host of the YouTube series Rate My Takeaway, where he visits and reviews takeaway restaurants, primarily in northern England, although some reviews have also been published in London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and several cities in Scotland and Ireland.

Since its launch in June 2020, Rate My Takeaway has gained over 570,000 subscribers and over 101 million views as of October 2023.

his chair

On all broadcasts, Malin sat in the same folding camping chair. However, during the show that aired on January 10, 2023, a safety pin fell from the chair, causing Malin to fall to the ground.

The wrecked chair was auctioned off for charity on eBay. The charity the buyer prefers will collect the money.

The highest bidder bid over £50,000, however, the bid was not accepted. It is not known what happened to the chair.

How did Carrie Taylor die?

In February 2021, his longtime partner Carrie Taylor died suddenly after a heart attack.

Carrie, who was only 40, complained of feeling ill on February 22 and told Danny she wanted to go to bed because she felt “shaken”.

Danny helped her into the bedroom of their Leeds home, and she collapsed after suffering a rapid heart attack and fell into his arms.

Danny and her deceased ex-wife Carrie

After being taken to the hospital, Carrie, unfortunately, died the next day, leaving Danny with “a gap that will never be bridged.”

people’s comments

People congratulated the couple by commenting, when Danny Malin announced his relationship on Facebook.

Jane Alexander commented,

“This is so beautiful Danny XXX Carrie will always be with you and want you to be happy”

Camille Kinney commented,

“Good news, I’m sure Carrie won’t want you to spend the rest of your life without trying to find love. I wish you all the best for your future together. X”

Jill Rodgers commented,

“You deserve all the happiness in the world, I hope it goes well for both of you.”

Myriam Newell commented,

“Very happy for you both, the happiness you deserve.”

Kate St Ledger commented,

“You deserve so much happiness. Congratulations xx.”

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