DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Tories must stand up for the suffering public


Here’s a question: Can you name the Minister of Transport? number? This is understandable. It is actually a mysterious politician named Mark Harper.

Here’s another topic: What exactly is he doing to stop hard-line railway unions from ruining Christmas and New Year’s Eve for thousands of ordinary people and businesses?

The depressing answer is, as far as the Daily Mail can see, very little indeed.

For months, the RMT and Aslef crippled the train network in a campaign of rolling strikes over unsustainable and irresponsible double pay demands.

We didn't see Transportation Secretary Mark Harper's skin or hair until last night

We didn’t see Transportation Secretary Mark Harper’s skin or hair until last night

These hard left thugs have caused pain to commuters, caused cancer patients to miss their hospital appointments, and dealt a catastrophic blow to our economy.

Of course, working from home undermined RMT’s demolition tactics. So now it’s targeting the holiday season.

Strikes will wreak havoc on holiday shoppers, travelers attending family reunions, and retail and hospitality businesses at the busiest time of the year.

But the unions couldn’t shout. Indeed, RMT President Mick Lynch is elated that the railroad has been discontinued.

So this paper asks: Who stands with the public against these dinosaurs of class war? We didn’t see Mr. Harper’s skin or his hair until last night.

When Britain is being blackmailed by trade union thugs, we need a strong transport minister – not a lackluster, failed transport minister.

Yes, ministers are passing strike suppression legislation to keep the country moving on strike days. But it’s a shame they won’t be in place until late next year.

Travelers feeling upset need the government to enforce the measures in law now. As Downing Street seems unable or unwilling to show any determination in the face of militancy, it is no coincidence that postal workers, nurses and civil servants threaten to put down their tools at Christmas.

This is a concerted plan to cause as much disruption as possible at the worst possible time for as many people as possible. The unions wage war against the Tories, but the first victims, as always, are the long-suffering public.

There are only two years left until the next election. Conservatives must begin to use their vast majority productively.

Whether it be in the areas of business, housing, energy or immigration, they must enforce the laws that benefit the country.

If Labor comes to power, it may be a generation before they get another chance.

Trade against theme park pirates

In February, this newspaper applauded the government’s pledge to crack down on private parking firms that pressured motorists into paying unreasonable and inflated fines to line their pockets.

Fool us over! Because at the first whiff of Grapeshot, the ministers lost their nerve and relaxed the rules. As a result, this legal theft continues.

Since then, the car park cowboys have issued a record 30,000 parking violations a day – and they will collect a staggering £1 billion in fines this year.

Government should not protect motorists from unfair punishment – should not reward the outrageous cynicism of parking hackers.

union threat

Nicola Sturgeon has responded to the High Court by quashing her delusions of a new Scottish referendum with the usual harrassment.

The SNP leader condemned the ruling as a denial of democracy and said the next general election would be a de facto vote for independence.

Keir Starmer says he would reject any request for a border ballot if he became prime minister. But can you trust him? He is willing to say anything that will help him gain power.

If the Conservatives want to prevent the catastrophic break-up of Britain, they need to come together.