Congratulations to Adeyinka Alaseyori on the birth of her daughter.

Adeyinka Alaseyori, a sexy gospel singer, and her second person, Dve, called their next child, a baby girl.

The beaming mom announced the good news on her Instagram page with a beautiful reel, concluding the tribute.

“All brilliance is for God alone,” she wrote. It ended up being praised.” Big names from the media praised her in the statements section.

Congratulations, Woliagba Ayoajewole composed. Congratulations, sister Kiekie. Congratulations dear. God bless our child and his family. Composed by Biola Bayou.

The melody of Top Olabi: Welcome, little girl. Alaseyori, Adeyinka Congratulations, my beloved sister, composed by Dare Tune.

Adeyinka Alaseyori, according to news reports, considered her other partner, Dave, the most famous on his birthday, October 3, 2023.

She was grateful to her important partner for constantly coming over to her when she needed him most.

“In addition to the fact that you supported me when we started the service, you evaluated the vision and moved me to start,” Adeyinka wrote.

You have been instrumental in bringing most of these people together for a long time. There are times when you are personally insulted, times when we fight, times when I get everything wrong, times when I cry because you didn’t support my choice, times when I let it go to move on, times when you really wanted me and couldn’t reach me, times when you really wanted to talk to someone What I serve elsewhere, and in times when I persevere so much, my mouth is still sharp, is still quiet to me.

Anyway, I’d make the mistake of not making some noise when I need to get something excited.

Overall, I appreciate that you are and that you adore me the way you do. I lack the ability to handle a message, but I’ll leave this to you. You, then again, deserve better.

I wouldn’t normally compose anything besides Happy Birthday, but may I thank you for your penance and the time you enjoyed with us. “We love you, dear.”