Can Wednesday see the future?

Wednesday Addams has the ability to see into the future on occasion, as long as she touches a person or object that triggers the vision.

Wednesday is a new spin-off series that focuses on Wednesday Addams as she adjusts to life at boarding school.

In the series, Wednesday discovers that she has special powers in the form of psychic visions that allow her to see into the past and future.

However, these powers do not come without a price and Wednesday must learn to control her visions to ensure that they do not ultimately harm her.

What is the Wednesday all about?

new spin-off series, Wednesday, which was released on Netflix on November 23, 2023 has already received positive feedback from fans Adams family franchise.

The franchise has been waiting a long time for their favorite misfit kid as the main focus of a movie or series.

This Netflix original series follows Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, as she learns to navigate life at the All Nev Academy, a boarding school for outcasts.

Of course, once Wednesday arrives in Nevermore, she soon discovers that her distinctly gothic style, wit, and deadpan sensibility aren’t the only things that make it difficult for her to make new friends.

So far, fans have responded well to Tim Burton’s fresh, witty take on the character and the fact that the original Christina Ricci, Wednesday Addams, is also appearing on the show.

Wednesday: Does Wed see the future?

Another feature of this new series that stands out from the other places we’ve been featured on Adams family– The privilege is the fact that Wednesday has special powers.

Wednesday reveals in a voiceover that her powers haven’t been with her for long when the show begins, and this becomes more apparent throughout the first season as she struggles to understand and control her powers.

Wed’s powers include psychic visions of the past and future when you touch an object that triggers the visions.

When these visions first begin, Wednesday is able to see great detail in her visions, draw faces, and hear the dialogue.

But as her powers grow, as Morticia warned her they would, she is transferred to vision and can even interact with the world around her.

Although Wednesday’s genetic ability to see the past and future helps her greatly when she investigates the mysteries she unearths in Nevermore, throughout the season she discovers that these powers can ultimately hurt her.

Where do Wednesday’s powers come from?

Supernatural events such as special powers are not unusual in the Addams Family franchise.

In fact, the ’60s version of Morticia can emit smoke from her body and Uncle Fester has had powers ranging from immortality to producing electricity over the years. Not to mention any powers that allow the Thing to function as a disembodied but sentient hand.

However, in the fifth episode of Wednesday, He explains that in this case, Wednesday’s powers are hereditary and that Morticia has similar powers.

However, with Morticia’s more positive disposition, she is considered a dove, while Wednesday’s terrified look makes her a raven.

It is also important to note that touching things or people triggers Wednesday’s visions and she cannot see into the future whenever and wherever she wants.

Why does Wednesday struggle to control her powers?

After Morticia explains her powers on Wednesday, she also warns her that she will have to learn to control her powers or risk losing her sanity.

Wednesday’s lack of control becomes more apparent as the show’s first season progresses and as her vision transforms from a hazy dream into a full-body experience that transports her consciousness to another time and space, while her body is left behind – helpless and vulnerable.

However, Goody Addams, an ancestor, can’t communicate and help guide Wednesday in how to control her powers until she’s willing to admit she needs help, which is why she struggles at first.

What are the disadvantages of Wednesday’s visions?

Aside from the fact that her mother warns her of what could happen if she doesn’t learn to control her powers, Wednesday also learns in the final episode of the season that she can’t just rely on her visions, as they are unexpected and may distort reality.

Principal Weems warns her about this, but Wednesday apparently only understands the seriousness of this statement after her visions lead her down an incorrect path and she nearly loses her friends.