Camila Mendes Celebrates her Dog’s Birthday with an Adorable Instagram Post

Camila Mendes truffle dog makeover 3

On October 22, Mendes shared a number of beautiful photos of her pet on social media wishing her a happy birthday. The first shot featured a black and white photo of the 28-year-old actress and her dog as they posed for the camera.

In another photo, the dog, who has an organic weakness, is seen wearing a girl’s birthday card. Another photo shows a furry pet licking Mendes’ face. “The truffle is 3 years old today 😭 Happy birthday my little angel,” she said in the post.

Camila also organized a party for her pet’s birthday, where the still photos were shared on her Instagram stories. One story featured a massive feast with a card that read “Happy Birthday Truffle”. In other photos, Camila’s friends are seen holding the dog while they were celebrating her birthday together.

Celebrities send their wishes

The post has garnered more than 1 million likes so far. As soon as Camila shared the photos, her celebrity friends started wishing the dog a happy birthday, while others seemed concerned about her strength.

Director Jennifer Kaiten Robinson wrote, “Happy birthday to a legend,” while actress Sarah Michelle commented, “Happy birthday to the best bite ever.” Designer Samantha McMillen also wrote, “The best bite in the world,” and model Charlie Howard wrote, “The face that broke thousands of hearts 😍”

Fans also expressed their love for the dog, with one writing, “Time really goes by. I still remember when you introduced her to us as a baby. Happy Birthday truffleeee 💖” and another comment, “I love you and your cute teeth, truffles. Happy birthday ❤️”

Camila spent her time in quarantine with truffles

The actress introduced the dog to the world on Instagram in November 2019. She posted a video of Truffle playing in the field and wrote, “This is a truffle. It’s a maltipoo rescue. And I’m officially a dog mom. Big shout out to thelabellefoundation for bringing this angel into my life.”

In March 2020, when the Covid pandemic was just beginning, Camila revealed that she was spending her time in quarantine with her dog. She posted a picture of a truffle sleeping while holding a toy pig and captioned it, “The amount of truffle content I’m going to shower you with were it not for me fighting myself impulse with every ounce of my being.”

“I hope you all take care of yourself and others around you, especially those who are more vulnerable than us. Let’s calm the panic, check our sources for reliable information, and focus on containing this reasonably and effectively,” she continued.

Happy birthday to the gorgeous Camilla truffle! Stay tuned for more news and updates.