Brian Dumoulin And His Wife Kayla Dumoulin Are Celebrated Their Fourth Wedding Anniversary In 2023

Brian Dumoulin and his other half Kayla Ermold got married in Maine and went to Capri for their first night. The couple celebrates four years of marriage in 2023.

Most famous as a defensive ice hockey player in the NHL for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Brian is one of the league’s leading players.

He has been a part of the NHL since the 2009 NHL Passage Draft. In the federation, this young fellow has also had world class achievements as part of the general ice hockey group in the United States.

Brian addressed his home country in the 2008 Ivan Hilka Commemoration Competition, where the USA group placed seventh. Meanwhile, he helped his group stock up on the bronze award at the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in 2011.

An ice hockey sharp from a young age, Dumoulin’s continued achievement as a popular NHL player is no shock. Meanwhile, due to his better half Kayla, whose constant assistance also played an important role in his career.

Kayla Ermold’s Husband Brian Dumoulin is a rival in The Foremer School, Brian Dumoulin shares a happy married life with his dear wife, Kayla Ermold. The two had been infatuated for a long time before tying their wedding knot. Besides, the growing affection and trust between each other makes them joyful in this marriage. In a similar fashion, both can also be athletically based, which is one of the similarities between pair and pair in the NHL.

Kayla is a former Olympic-style event competitor at the Thornton Institute and later at the College of Maine. Besides running, Ms. Dumoulin has a degree in speech pathology.
She has continued her daily exercises from the general community after having the distinction of being a person of interest to Brian. Even so, she does make a point to root for her better half’s games on the floor or at home.

She was born as one of two girls of her parents, Lisa Johnston and James Ermold. Kayla’s continued status as a big-name wife was another highlight of her life.

She’s dynamic on Instagram under the username @kayla_dumoulin, but she keeps a secret handle.

The quintessential Mrs. Dumoulin is anxious for her life and has turned to protection after such a long time as a standout among NHL fans.

Brian Dumoulin and His Wife Kayla Ermold Relationship Timeline Brian Dumoulin and His Perfect Wife Kayla Ermold’s effective marriage is the result of the unconditional love and understanding between them.

In addition, another justification for their joyful marriage is their love for a long time. Every year, this couple has accomplished the remarkable feat of embarking on their marriage.

Then, this young couple is one of the sparkling couples in the NHL, with a marriage of four years and a love affair of over seven.

2015-2016 On August 9, 2015, an Instagram post of Kayla cuddling with Cerebrum revealed that this couple was interestingly dating. Prior to that, the penguin advocate posted another photo of Kayla, portraying her as an exceptional individual in his life. Over time, this couple acknowledged that they were meant to be with each other and continued to invest more energy with each other’s opportunity.

Brian made sure to invest quality energy with Kayla, whether it be a fit or dates; He adjusted his NHL timing and precious time with his future wife.

This couple is known for their photogenic distance, as seen in Brian’s virtual entertainment handles during the beginning of their relationship.

2017 Just a year after their marriage in 2017, the NH star has been trying to visit more places with his darling.

Hence, the journals of their movement continued in 2017 as well, as they mostly visited the vineyards of several urban communities. As two or three end up being wine Epicureans, they remember to praise each unique day with wine.

Or on the other hand, these two or three people open a container of wine to make their usual order unique to share in the occasion. Brian’s Instagram is devoted to photos of wine at dinner.

2018 Brian and Kayla’s big year was their wedding year of 2018. The people in love exchanged wedding bands on Aug. 5 in Kennebunkport, Maine, before their dear ones.

Brian’s wedding posts also incorporate his memories of playing golf during that time, and recommend that he be available to play another game with his friends and family.

Their fantasy like wedding has been an incredible NHL discussion since the defenseman married the young lady of his fantasies. Plus, this fruitful marriage continues to win hearts as they both make sure to want to celebrate every year.

2019-2020 As alluded to above, 2019 marked the major celebration for Dumoulin’s husband, and Brian flawlessly wished the best for his better half.

Netizens were shocked by his dedication to his marriage and wished his better half an extraordinary date. With their time together, this couple instantly started an NHL family.

their children. Brayden Joseph was born at the beginning of November 2019 at UPMC McGee Women’s Medical Clinic. The little chap has gained much bliss from the lies of his parents as he continues to develop under their eyes with full concentration.

During the parents’ outing, Brian revealed that Kayla had cried when Brayden had his first three chances in January 2020. Meanwhile, the baby was previously healthy at approximately 12.5 ounces.

While the NHL dad has been open about his online entertainment posts, Kayla’s sincere gifts on Instagram are limited to her devotees. However, she is similarly aware of her child and posts about it often.

2021 With their child growing up as a baby, Brian juggles his time between his family and NHL commitments. Meanwhile, he does not neglect to return to exceptional events and ceremonies, which makes him an attentive family man.

His family photos and virtual entertainment handles are also an affirmation of his affection for his better half and child. As this couple kept focusing on their little boy’s childhood, it still didn’t seem like they thought about adding another part to their sweetheart.

2023 The year 2023 marks the fourth anniversary of Brian and Kayla’s wedding. They went out to meet on a set day, giving them time to themselves. Since they’ve evolved and made a lot of progress since their dating days, this fully grown-up couple is currently centered around their child’s childhood. Kayla keeps babysitting while her significant other is busy working out and playing with his NHL group. Brian wishes to step down as one of the leading NHL players in his retirement hour.