Brands or companies that want me to erase my face tattoo are not interested in me – DJ Sose

Famous artist DJ Sose recently reflected on his range of experiences in the Nigerian diversion scene at another meeting.

In an interview with The Country, the artist examined the myths about his face tattoo and a great motivator for this.

DJ Sose replied that brands or organizations who thought he should get rid of his face tattoos weren’t keen on him at any point anyway when asked what it would take like that.

He said; “I signed my face beginning around 2007 so any brands or organizations that think I should get rid of my tattoos mean they aren’t keen on me.

They simply need to take advantage of me. It’s the same way that I don’t agree with any standard tag, I’m independent.

Since for now, I’ve created my photo so the registry tag can’t say, “I confirm you should be under us.”

No, it will be organized and will not operate under your leadership. My image is capable enough to survive on its own, if that wasn’t enough, then I wouldn’t be here.”

When asked if people get scared when they see him by sniffing his face, he said accordingly; “In fact, individuals fear anything they have no idea.

Those who fear it do so in light of the fact that it’s something new and their brains can’t handle, while for others, it’s an interesting example. So it is about the person.

In fact, I went to where the old and the young were so reluctant that they avoided me. However, it’s okay, I won’t worry. It’s their point of view and they are qualified for that.”

DJ Sose said about what you eat; “It’s African motifs, Afro-Metropolitan fashion and tattoos.

It all means the solidarity of the starting points, which is that I am half Nigerian and half Hungarian.

In addition, I was meditating on something one could use to remind me. It’s a situation where everyone needs something to get them to stand apart from the group.

“By the time I first started, I had blending styles compared to one other coordinator who was working in the field at that point, so people constantly teased me with him.

Wherever I went, people would generally confuse me with them, so I needed to sort out something that would make me stand apart from the group.”