Binta Mogaji And I Were Never Married Even Though She Got Pregnant For Me – Actor, Jibola Dabo

The famous Nollywood artist, Michael Ajibola Daboeko, also known as Gebula Daboeko, has cleared up any confusion regarding his supposed relationship with artist Binta Ayo Mugagi.

In a restricted meeting with Punch Paper, Dabo admitted that he dated Binta in 2000, but their relationship hit rocks after he moved to the United States.

According to him, he had previously dispelled any confusion about this so far for people who had no vague idea, and had never been associated with the artist. He explained that the facts really confirm that Penta got pregnant with him, and in light of the fact that she wasn’t young when it worked, he didn’t ask her to terminate the pregnancy.

He said that their relationship ended as a result of their inconsistent lifestyle.

Dabo portrayed that when he moved to the United States in 2000, correspondence turned into a problem between them since there was no telephone at the time.

He later found a pair of dark Americans.

He needed to move forward in his relationship with Pinta, but due to the disparities between them in the way of life, he needed to break off the friendship.

“The other significant in the United States is dark American. She is mostly Native American and dark American.

Along those lines, Ayo Mogaji and I were rarely involved, but she got pregnant. We were exceptionally adults about the circumstances. ” He expressed.