Beauty Tukura reassures her fans of her sanity

The long awaited day for fans, loved ones and buddies of Big Brother Naija Step Up, Excellence Tukura is finally here!!

The excluded reality star, who was counting up to her big day, flooded her Instagram with stunning photos and recordings.

Today, Excellence Tokura celebrates October 25th, and to commemorate her day, the reality star delighted audiences with a dark photo session.

The former beautiful lady is all shades of stunning, tasteful and sovereign.

Greatness advances thanks to God for what goes back to the year.

she drew,

“In his picture. Thankful for the past 365 days.”

Assuming you were aware of the distinction, you would realize that the reality star was doing her best on her big day.

From renting a foyer worth N50 million to buying the Reach Wanderer, sending a welcome to top celebrities. There is no doubt that the former Miss Nigeria will lock down Lagos and host an unforgettable get-together.

Azma Tokura consoles her followers with her mental stability

Since being excluded from unrecorded TV dramas, Excellence Tukura has been given some much-needed rest to focus on herself and recover.

Kimmy Villani News detailed that Magnificence was turned down due to a fight during Saturday’s week two party with Awesome.

The glamorous Miss Nigeria threw the house into disarray when she got into a mess with her alleged lover, Cool, hitting the dance floor with fellow A-list classmate, Chomzy.

Attempts by each of her housemates to comfort her were futile as she proceeded to damage Biggie’s property and disregarded house rules by attacking Awesome.

As a discipline for her activism, the former glamorous lady was banned from the show.

In her unforgettable Instagram Live, Magnificence assured her fans that she wasn’t disappointed.

The reality star has expressed that the horrible days are over for herself and she has been going on.

Rawaa added that she was surrounded by love, family, friends and an amazing group.

“I’m fine. I’m fine, the terrible days are over. I can say that my most terrible information is complete and I simply carry on with all this great energy. For those who think I am frustrated, I am not disappointed. I am surrounded by affection, family, friends and an amazing group.”