Beautiful moment Freddie Leonard went on his knees to propose to Peggy Ovire at her birthday soiree

The charismatic artist, Frederic Leonard, has made a proposal to his partner-turned-lover, Peggy Ophir, and she behaves very modestly.

This happened Friday during an impromptu Peggy Ovire meet, which was coordinated by her Nollywood partners.

In the video, Frederick Leonard must be visually bent and reddened as he expands his ring and asks for the million dollar inquiry.

Peggy Ovire fell into tears of joy after seeing him, while other Nollywood stars shouted please.

It comes after Frederick Leonard crossed on her confirmed Instagram profile that fellow artist Peggy Ovire is the woman he intends to use the remainder of his existence with. Frederick Leonard composed sweet words to Ovire while paying tribute to her birthday. He shared a picture of the celebrant, expressing: “To hold on to.. to love and respect..

In the great times and in all times.. Through the years, my love for you has remained constant. Look how far we’ve come, kid. Today is your birthday and so the world is watching you.”

“Anyway, our affection.. I will always stick. Happy birthday @peggyofire. My baby Valentine.. I love you ❤️”