Magnificence Tukura fans have rewarded the community in recognition of her big brother Naija’s birthday in Season 7.

To respect their king, the Honey Bee Navy Force, as its fan base is known, has accomplished something amazing for it.

Honey bees The Navy backed off government-funded schools to pass sterile writing materials and pillows to students.

The gorgeouss were left confused by their clever show, so I took to Instagram to thank her.

In an extensive post, she gave her thanks for their likes and support.

Al-Azma revealed that the very valuable gift they gave her was the best gift she had ever received.

The reality star expressed that she was not effectively shocked or intrigued, but their sweet thought made her cry.


I actually cry as I write.. Thank you very much!!! Undoubtedly very grateful to you!!! This is the most amazing birthday gift ever!!! I am very grateful to you for understanding and supporting all that I am and addressing me.

I’m not effectively shocked or intrigued, but this act of kindness made them cry hysterically. I am speechless at this moment, however they will come!!

Thank you so much for thinking so much of Taraban. Thank you so much for this wonderful thoughtful gesture and for bringing out the essence of these children and seniors.

You have set high expectations for beautytukurafoundation, and I am sure that with your continued help, we will achieve amazing results…..

Let it be. Your pockets may never dry out. May your assets and your age never run out; Let it be. God bless you in every circumstance. Let it be. Thank you very much!!!! “I love all of you.”