BBNaija’s Angel Smith launches first personal project

Heavenly messenger JB Smith, star of BBNaija, has started her most memorable free project.

The happy reality star used her Instagram to share a sneak peek of her upcoming vow with devotees.

With the arrival of her emotional webcast, “Of Blood, Bones, and Water,” the heavenly messenger turned into an individual from the local audio broadcasting area.

Heavenly Messenger Smith spoke of her journey while weeping, saying that it had to happen. She gave the new vow to God, her allies and her mother.

“ofbloodbonesandwater is bound to happen. I place my attack upon this, my requests, my joy, my unease, my adoration, which is so strange indeed that I check the most unforgettable. I have no vague idea of ​​how to accomplish this, I will express to everyone in the influence of Africa.” I will tell my mother I say God.

Therefore, it is my extraordinary pleasure to inform you about the introduction of my digital/television recording programme; I cannot go on having difficult discussions with all of you; I want to believe that you appreciate seeing this side of me and trust all of you to participate in this webcast no matter what you do. I am thankful. He is your host, the heavenly messenger; From the bones of blood and water.”