Arshad Sharif is a senior journalist from Pakistan.

Arshad Sharif is said to be a specialist in investigative journalism.

He has covered many political events for many international news organizations including the UK.

Arshad Sharif cause of death

Media reports indicate that he was assassinated in Kenya. His wife had reported his death earlier and said she expected their privacy to be respected. She tweeted, “I lost my friend, my husband and my favorite journalist @arsched today, according to the police, he was shot in Kenya. Respect our privacy and in the name of the breakdown please don’t share our family photos, personal details and recent photos from the hospital. Remember us in your prayers. His death sent a shock wave down my spine To many who believe he was assassinated, however, there are allegations that it was a mistaken identity.

Arshad Sharif Al-Omar: How old was Arshad Sharif?

Arshad Sharif was born on February 22, 1973, and he was 49 years old before his death.

Arshad Sharif is her parents

Not much is known about his parents. However, his father’s name is Muhammad Sharif.

Arshad Sharif’s wife

Arshad Sharif is married to Javeria Seddik. The lovebird married in 2023. Javira Siddiq is also a journalist. She is said to have started her training in photojournalism in 2013. In 2014, she graduated and won the CDA Award for Best Journalism Reporting in 2008, PIHR Award in 2009, and Best Reporting and Enlistment Award for Punjab Bar Council in the same year. .
Arshad Sharif’s wife won in 2020 the third place in the photography competition by the Pakistan Air Force and in 2021 the government of Azerbaijan awarded Javeria Siddique. She is a great role model for many young women journalists.

Arshad Sharif’s children

It is said that Arshad Sharif is the father of five children. However, there is no information about his children. However, he is said to be the male guardian of his family after his father’s death.