Anita Dunn Murder – Who Was The Killer?

On May 30, 1992, 16-year-old Anita Dunn was reported missing in Bell Center, Missouri by her family. Anita’s disappearance received little attention from law enforcement at the time, who believed she had simply run away from home.

However, their investigation takes a turn when her body is discovered in an abandoned mineshaft several months later. The case came to national attention when it was featured on the TV series Murder in the Heartland: Truth Will Kill.

The show’s team of detectives retrace the steps of the police officers who worked the case, eventually finding new evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of Anita’s killer. While the case is now solved, it serves as a reminder of the challenges law enforcement faces in solving crimes.

How did Anita Dunn die?

On May 30, 2016, Anita Dunn was reported missing by the landlord and his wife to the Joplin, Missouri Police Department. An investigator was assigned to her case and worked tirelessly to find evidence of her whereabouts.

On August 5, 2016, after tracking her mobile phone location data, the investigator and his team arrived at an abandoned mineshaft filled with water. The underwater camera they sent revealed a human body laden with rocks. An autopsy report later confirmed that the body was that of Anita Dunn and that she had died.

Through their investigation, the police were able to identify the suspect and on August 10, 2017, they arrested Anita’s neighbor, Jerry Branson, for her murder. Branson has been charged with first degree murder and is currently awaiting trial.

After the police finished their investigation, they suspected its owner, Todd. According to him, it was Anita’s visit to her home, and both of them had been involved in a serious relationship for some time.

Later, the two had a fight, with Anita threatening him, revealing all about their affair in front of his wife, and trying to go to his wife, then Trud begged her not to, but she never listened.

Anita then took a gun from the table and pointed a threat at him, which Todd quickly took from her hand and threatened that if she didn’t stop, he would kill her and do what he told her to do. He killed Anita without thinking for a minute.

When Anita lost her life, Todd Greathouse put her in the back of her car, dumped her body near the abandoned mine shaft, and dumped her body there.

Where is Todd Greathouse now?

Todd Greathouse was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend, Anita Dunn, in 2017.

Greathouse originally claimed he killed Dunne in self-defense but later admitted that he was lying and that the real reason he killed her was because she had threatened to tell his wife about their past relationship.

Anita’s family disputed Greathouse’s allegations, saying she was not involved in any kind of affair. Regardless of the truth of the matter, Greathouse was sentenced to 50 years in prison without parole and is still serving his sentence today.