Angel Smith of BBNaija is emotional as she launches her first personal project.

Heavenly dispatcher JP Smith, who reached the finals of Big Brother Naija’shine ya eyes, sent her most memorable solo missions.

The racy reality star took to Instagram to share a sneak peek at her new project with her fans.

Heavenly Messenger hit the local podcast area with its near-home digital recording, “Of Bones of Blood and Water.”

Heavenly Messenger Smith revealed that it was bound to happen as she cried during her journey.

She dedicated the new collection to her mother, her fans, and God. It’s bound to happen, ofbloodbonesandwater. I have poured my tears, pleas, joy, nervousness, and love into this, and it is still like a dream that I am checking out the most unforgettable. I don’t know how I was able to achieve this, however I will express the act of everyone in African influence. I will tell my mother then God.

So, it gives me great pleasure to inform you about the submission of my joint digital programme/recording; I can’t go on having annoying discussions with all of you; I really want to believe that you appreciate seeing this side of me, and I want to believe that you participate in this webcast no matter what you do. I appreciate.

He is the messenger of heaven, your host, of blood, bones and water. “

Titilala Brownsugar, as Heavenly messenger Smith’s mother is known via web entertainment, composed a deep note for her girl.

Titila had trusted that when her life was over, perhaps the Holy Prophet would be the most beautiful part. Titilala expressed that her girl was the best she had ever comprehended.
She commented on the fact that she was so happy to see her younger than usual, me developing from a spoiled child to a sophisticated lady. Similarly, Tetilala conveyed her appreciation for the reality star.

She expressed, “By the time the pages of my life are over, I realize you’ll probably be the most beautiful part.” You are the best thing I’ve ever had.

I’ve seen you evolve from my spoiled little kid who generally raced me for anything (especially money), haha ​​to a complete young woman who currently understands what she really wants, and I’m so happy with your progress and your journey. to the point. You are the sun that never sets and the moon that never rises in my life. It’s been almost 12 months since bigbronaija offered you the chance to go home. I simply think you should realize that I am very happy for you and wish you many results later. My son, I love you.”