All Throne Room Requirements in Rimworld


Building an extravagant throne room is a requirement for ascending the ranks of the elite in Rimworld.

Rimworld’s Royalties DLC adds an intricate monarchy system to the game, giving players little else to worry about in the massive space colony simulator. To climb the ranks of the monarchy and consistently earn great titles, you have to look the part. let’s see All the Throne Room Requirements at Rimworld and how to meet them.

Every Throne Room Requirement in Rimworld

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There are many benefits to climbing the social ladder in Rimworld, and in order to claim them for yourself, you have to convince your elite teammates that you are worthy of them. This is done by building a throne room, a room that is decked out in ever-increasing affluence to enhance your social standing.

As you play, you’ll receive quests associated with Royalty DLC, which will see important people flocking to your colony, and if you can meet their expectations, you’ll be rewarded with the next rank. The secret to success here is to build an adaptable throne room that can be improved when needed.

It is best to build this room in addition to its more useful spaces. After all, there’s nothing majestic about your servants eating and sleeping in your grand reception hall. We’ve listed the requirements for each royal rank below and the essential elements in your throne room to surpass each.

  • freeholder: none
  • firmer: none
  • church assistant: area 24, throne, all floors, brazier x2 (all braziers must be lit)
  • knight and dame: Area 30, Impressiveness 60, Throne, All Floored, Brazier x2, Column x2, Harp (all braziers must be lit)
  • Prater: Area 40, Effectiveness 90, Throne, All Floors, Brazier x2, Column x4, Harp (all braziers must be lit)
  • Barons and Baronesses: Area 60, Impressiveness 120, Grand Throne, All Fine Floored, Brazier x2, Columns x4, Drape x2, Harpsichord (all braziers must be lit)
  • count and countess: Room Area 80, Room Impressiveness 160, Grand Throne, All Fine Floored, Brazier x2, Columns x6, Drape x2, Piano (all braziers must be lit)

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