’90 Day’ : Liz Breaks Down over the ‘Touchy Subject’ That Ed’s Family Doubts His Engagement

Multi-Day Life Partner: Fun Ever? Star Elizabeth “Liz” Woods has finally met Ed “Big Ed”‘s earthy family — and not everyone was excited, or even in attendance, for her Arkansas debut. Liz met Ed’s sister, Kristen, in anticipation of their second commitment party (Retry).

In any case, resentment toward Ed’s relatives — including the alienation of his mother and his girl — loomed north of some of the discussions on Sunday night’s episode.


In front of their big party, facilitated by Ed’s family, they have a private dinner with his sister

Although she facilitated Liz without any inquiries, she admitted to some mistrust in light of Liz and Ed’s dramatic breakup.

“Ed and Liz had a few parting ways,” it made sense to Kristen. “It made us all anxious. Really. It was definitely a shattering the last time they were apart before the reunion. It was terrible.”

Anyway, Christine was available to give Liz another chance: “He seems content, and that’s the thing I need for him.

Anyway, you have to go two different ways. We’ll have to figure out how that turns out.” The discussion went to Ed’s “generally stubborn” mother, who wasn’t on speaking terms with Ed while he was involved with Liz. The topic was so heavy on Liz’s heart, in fact, that it brought her to tears.

“Apologies, touchy subject,” she said, rolling her eyes with her pullover sleeve. His sister admitted that she tried to get over their mother.

“I expect and pray that she will eventually give you a chance to meet and talk and meet – and really get to know Liz.”

The post-commitment party came after Ed, 56, and Liz, 29, threw an amazing party with their housemates — it ended in misfortune.

The moment Liz ends up in a dispute with a female companion, he addresses Ed in case Liz is a lesbian and is hiding a mysterious affair with Ms.

Liz relentlessly denied any association with the lady – or assumptions about her sexuality. She storms out of the restaurant, throws her wedding ring into a fence and stands listening to Ed cancel her commitment on the phone. When Liz returns, the feud has just intensified, both sides cursing savagely.

Anyway, it was the chaotic – and hostile – commitment party aftermath for Ed and Liz, who shockingly figured out how to put things in perspective.

For now, even with the commitment back, a few of the couple’s friends and family weren’t quite ready. Impossible to say assuming they will ever happen.

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